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What to Do in Trabzon at Night

What to Do in Trabzon at Night

What to Do in Trabzon at Night: If you’re wondering what to do in Trabzon at night, you have come to the right place. From the Migron restaurant to the ancient Samovar monastery, Trabzon has plenty to offer at night. Read on to learn more. In addition to these top attractions, you should also take in the town’s colorful covered market and Sumela monastery. After dark, you should head to the Kostaki Mansion for a romantic dinner.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery
Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to Theotokos in modern Turkey. The monastery is located at Karada within the Pontic Mountains, in the Maçka district of Trabzon Province. Its unique location makes it an ideal place to visit, especially at night. Sumela is known for its beautiful architecture and breathtaking views. The monastery is open to the public during the day, but the night offers a completely different experience.

You can visit the Sumela Monastery by taking a tour. These tours vary in price, depending on the number of passengers, type of vehicle, and duration. The tours are offered year-round and are best during the autumn and spring seasons. When taking a tour, be sure to book in advance, as tickets are very popular during these times. In addition to bus transportation, dolmus services are available to get you to the monastery in Trabzon.

While visiting the Sumela Monastery at night, make sure to buy a guide beforehand. This will provide you with all the information you need for a successful visit. The Sumela Monastery is one of the most beautiful and scenic monasteries in Turkey. A guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether to visit. And remember, it’s not always easy to get inside!

If you’re a history buff, don’t miss Sumela Monastery, located just outside of Trabzon. The monasteries have been around for hundreds of years, and the frescoes inside are well-preserved. You’ll likely be finished exploring the monastery in less than three hours. But you can take a stroll outside of the monastery if you want to enjoy the scenery. You’ll likely end up back in Trabzon in a dolmus.

The Sumela monastery was built in the 13th century. During the Trebizond Empire, the monastery was given great prominence and was a center for monastic life. Later, Basil and John II endowed Sumela with great gifts. The monastery’s most important largess was given to Alexios III in 1349. This monk was saved from a storm by the Theotokos, who bid him to build the monastery.

Migron Restaurant

While in Trabzon, if you’d like to try local Turkish cuisine, you can head to Migron restaurant. It’s just a short walk away from the Adasu Suit Uzungol apartments. The restaurant serves Turkish cuisine and is located in the south of town. The Migron also has a roof terrace, so you can enjoy the beautiful views of the lake while dining.

Whether you want to relax after a day at the beach or enjoy an evening of dancing and wine at a traditional Turkish restaurant, you’ll find that Trabzon’s city center is a lively and exciting place to visit at night. Trabzon, formerly known as Trebizond, has many historical remnants and a beautiful natural landscape. The city is home to monasteries, churches, and other landmarks that have survived the test of time.

Uzungol Covered Market

The Uzungol covered market in Trabzon is an excellent place to visit at night. The covered market is an ideal place to find local produce and other products. Many of the items sold here are handmade. It is also worth the trip to experience the local music and dance. The market offers free Horon dance performances during the summer months. Another place to spend the night is the lake, Uzungol. This beautiful lake is located in the Holdizon Mountains and is filled with trout and carp. You can stay overnight in Uzungol’s wooden chalets. There are also wooden hotels and apartment rentals available at various prices.

The climate in Trabzon is temperate in the summer, but it can rain at any time of year. Unlike many cities in Turkey, it can rain at anytime, so it is important to dress accordingly. The Uzungol covered market is located at an altitude of around 1,100 meters and is surrounded by a mountain range and forests. In winter, it can snow and get cold, which makes it an ideal winter destination. During the summer, visitors can visit Uzungol Lake, which is often enveloped in fog.

The Uzungol covered market in Rabzon is a must-see during your stay in the region. It is a great place to buy fresh produce and other items that are unique to this region. The market is alive with vendors and people from all over Turkey come to visit it. While it may seem intimidating to walk around the market at night, it can be a fun experience. It’s also a great place to meet new people and shop for souvenirs.

Kostaki Mansion

The Kostaki Mansion is a museum house in Trabzon, Turkey. This mansion was built in 1913 by a Greek banker named Kostaki Teophylaktos. The architect, an Italian, brought many of the materials used in the building to Turkey. The building is a stunning sight to see, and it is well worth the trip. After dark, the mansion is especially beautiful.

If you are traveling with kids, you can take a trip to Giresun, a small town 30 miles outside of Trabzon. Giresun offers lively nightlife, and you can arrange a trip to a nearby island. Though the mountains surrounding Giresun are not as high as those of Trabzon, they still offer plenty of cultural and natural beauty. Giresun is accessible via the Zigana Pass, which has been crossed by famous travelers.

The Kostaki Mansion in Trabzon is a great place to visit at night. It’s situated in the historic market quarter, just west of the Ataturk Alani. The market is bustling and has some excellent opportunities for photography. The area is also home to some of the city’s oldest marketplaces. During your trip to Trabzon, don’t forget to visit the Sumela monastery, built around 1553. This beautiful monastery is also a popular tourist destination.

The Kostaki Mansion is an impressive building, especially at night. If you are interested in historical buildings, this is a must-see place. The Kostaki Mansion is one of the best examples of Turkish architecture. From the intricate carvings to the intricate designs, you’ll be amazed by this historical landmark. There are many other beautiful historical buildings in Trabzon. If you’re traveling with children, don’t miss Kostaki Mansion.

The city is known for its architecture, and the Kostaki Mansion is one of the most beautiful examples. The opulent interiors of the mansion make the building an even more captivating attraction. Aside from the Kostaki Mansion, the city’s Old Town is an attractive destination at night. This neoclassical neighborhood has a vibrant nightlife. The area is also home to several art galleries.

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