St. Esprit Cathedral

What to Do in Sisli – Istanbul

What to Do in Sisli

What to Do in Sisli: Sisli, Istanbul’s affluent neighborhood, is home to upscale hotels, fashion boutiques, and shopping malls. There are also upscale restaurants that serve international cuisine and cocktail bars that cluster along Halaskargazi Street. You can tour the Atatürk Museum, which exhibits mementos from Turkey’s first president. You can also take in the peaceful gardens of the imperial Ottoman Ihlamur Kasr palace.

Ihlamur Palace

Ihlamur Place
Ihlamur Place

The Ihlamur Palace is a former imperial Ottoman summer pavilion that is now under the administration of the Turkish Directorate of National Palaces. It was constructed during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid I. Today, it is one of Istanbul’s most visited attractions.

The Ihlamur Palace is a stunning example of a nineteenth-century Ottoman summer pavilion. It was built between 1849 and 1855. The buildings and garden are surrounded by Linden trees, creating an enchanting atmosphere for a wedding. This palace is a great choice for a wedding in Istanbul.

The Sisli district has several other attractions that should be seen on your visit to Istanbul. Aside from five-star hotels, there are also numerous museums, churches, and mosques to explore. The area offers a unique taste of contemporary Turkish life. And if you want to spend the day in the city, there is no shortage of activities to keep you busy.

The interior of the palace is full of art and culture. The rooms are decorated with Ottoman and European art. The ceilings and walls are covered with paintings and gold decorations. The floors of the palace are covered with Hereke carpets. The palace is now a museum.

The Ihlamur Kasri is a stunning palace that dates back to the 18th century. It was built by Sultan Abdul-Majid I, the first to be built in Istanbul. The palace was designed as a summer retreat for the Sultan. The palace was later expanded in the nineteenth century to become a museum.

Another interesting place to visit in Sisli is the Ataturk House-Museum. Here, you can learn about the founding of the Republic of Turkey. It is located in a monumental historical building with more than 20 halls. Inside, you’ll see his personal items and historical documents from various periods.

Ataturk Museum

The Ataturk Museum in Istanbul is a historical museum in Turkey displaying personal items from the life of Ataturk and items related to his work. It includes historical documents, photos, and paintings from his life. Among the items you will find at the museum are a collection of books written by Ataturk, his family photos, and his gramophone cabinet, which he brought from Anitkabir.

The Ataturk Museum is dedicated to the founding father of the Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It includes photographs of the founder of the Turkish Republic, personal belongings, and paintings by famous local and international artists. The museum is free to visit and is open from 09:30 to 5 pm on weekdays. The museum is also self-guided, and you can customize your tour based on your own schedule and interests.

The Ataturk Museum in Istanbul is the first art museum in Turkey, and until 2004, it was the only one in Istanbul. The permanent collection of this museum features works by famous world artists, Turkish military painters, and impressionists. The museum is open on weekends, but is closed on Mondays. Guests can enjoy the permanent collection and special exhibitions.

You can also visit Ataturk House, which was built in 1908. The Ataturk family lived there, along with his mother and sister. The house has two floors – one for the family and one for helpers. During World War II, the house became a gathering place for the enemies of Turkey. The Ataturk family lived there until his death in 1919.

The military museum in Istanbul is another interesting place to visit. There are many military pieces on display, including armor and seals. You can also see pieces of the Ottoman army from the Seljuk era to the Republic period. The museum also hosts a daily Janissary Band show. It is open from 09:30 to 17:00.

Tesvikiye Mosque

The Tesvikiye Mosque is one of Istanbul’s most beautiful mosques. It dates back to the 18th century and was built on the orders of Sultan Selim III. The current structure was completed in the 19th century during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecit I. It has been visited by Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk.

Located in the Sisli district of Istanbul, the Tesvikiye Mosque is a neo-baroque structure. It was originally commissioned by Sultan Selim III in 1794 but was not completed until decades later. It reflects the European styles of the day and is distinguished by large white columns at the entrance. Today, it is a popular place for funerals for public figures.


Macka Democracy Park

The Macka Democracy Park is a beautiful park located on the European side of Istanbul. It offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, bike riding, and cable cars. There are also playgrounds and views of the city’s natural beauty. Located only ten minutes from Taksim square, Macka Democracy Park has much to offer a wide range of visitors.

Macka Democracy Park in Sisli is a great place to take your children for a stroll. There are plenty of playgrounds and walking tracks to explore, and it’s close to Taksim Square. You can also get there via public transportation, such as the subway or a taxi.

St. Esprit Cathedral

St. Esprit Cathedral
St. Esprit Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, also known as St. Esprit Cathedral, is one of the most important Catholic churches in Istanbul. It is situated on Cumhuriyet Avenue, 127/A, in the Işli district, between Taksim Square and Nişantaş.

The crypt of the Istanbul cathedral contains an underground cemetery designed during the building’s construction. Burials there continued until 1927. The tombs there include the founder of Saint-Esprit, Monseigneur Hillereau, nuns from the Sion order, and the Donizetti family. A big statue of Pope Benedict XV is located inside the church. This statue was created by the Italian sculptor Quattrini and unveiled in 1921. The Ottoman Sultan Mehmet VI Vahdeddin donated the money to build the statue, which was unveiled by one of his princes.

The Saint-Esprit Cathedral in Istanbul is the second-largest Catholic church in Istanbul. It is located in the district of Sisli near Taksim Square. Nearby, you can also see the Notre Dame de Sion Cathedral, founded in 1856 by eleven nuns. This building was closed during World War I, but reopened in 1919. It also became a coeducational school in 1996.

Another important landmark in Istanbul is Saint Antoine Church. It is the largest Roman Catholic church in Istanbul. The Franciscan church was located in this location in the 17th century but was removed in the 19th century to make way for a tram line. The present building was designed by Italian architect Giulio Mongeri. The basilica was completed in 1912.

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