Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia

Unusual Things to Do in Turkey

Unusual Things to Do in Turkey

Unusual Things to Do in Turkey: There are a lot of unique and unusual things to do in Turkey. You can soak in an authentic Turkish bath, walk over a cotton castle, or visit a cave hotel. These places are off-the-beaten-path and definitely worth a visit. You can also indulge in Shisha, a popular pastime. You can also visit one of the many must-see places, like Cappadocia.

Hamam is an Iconic Turkish Bath

Hamam is an Iconic Turkish Bath
Hamam is an Iconic Turkish Bath

Istanbul is home to the Cemberlitas Hamam, one of the most famous Turkish baths, dating back to the reign of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror. This historic bath was constructed for the Sultan and his sons just a year after the Conqueror conquered Constantinople. Its domed interior, which is still used by people today, makes it a must-visit attraction.

A Turkish hamam is an icon in Turkey, and it is an essential part of the country’s history. The hamam is a unique example of the fusion of eastern and western traditions. In Roman times, heated public baths were a necessary part of daily life – they were health centers and social gathering spots. The Turkic people took these concepts and combined them with Roman baths, creating the hamam. This steam bath was popular in the days of the Romans, and the Turkic people eventually adapted them to make the Turkish hamam, which is now one of the world’s most beautiful and iconic Turkish baths.

Typically, a hamam is segregated between men and women, though some bathhouses allow the mixing of the sexes in some rooms. In most cases, guests are asked to undress in gender-specific changing rooms. The attendants then lock their belongings in lockers. Although you can still experience a hamam without undressing, it is best to be comfortable with this, and if you’re uncomfortable with this, you can ask for a private treatment.

Istanbul’s Hamam is another important landmark. Originally constructed for the Ottoman Sultan’s wife, the Hurrem Sultan Hamam is Istanbul’s most historic bath. The building was constructed on the site of the ancient public baths of Zeuxippus. Visitors can experience various massage therapies and enjoy a relaxing session in the outdoor cafe. The Hamam is a popular attraction in Istanbul. It is located between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.

Cappadocia is a Must-visit Place in Turkey

Cappadocia January Hot Air Balloon
Cappadocia January Hot Air Balloon

You can spend two days in Cappadocia and still have time to see all of the best sights. However, to get the full picture of this unique area, three or four days are recommended. Cappadocia is a cultural heritage site like no other and you should not miss it! You can enjoy hiking in this region and take in the beautiful scenery from a hot air balloon.

A visit to this area is best done during spring and summer. The region is famous for its sculpted rock formations, fairy chimneys, and underground cities. In addition to its fascinating geological landscape, Cappadocia is also the best place in the world for hot air balloon flights. The region is home to numerous fairy chimneys and cave churches and is an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts.

While visiting Cappadocia in the spring and autumn is ideal for seeing the region’s most spectacular scenery, it can be hot in the summer. In winter, temperatures dip to freezing levels and snow can fall. However, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery by taking a hike on one of the many trails. If you have some extra cash to spare, you can even spend the night in a cave if you are interested.

While hot air ballooning is one of the most popular things to do in Cappadocia, you’ll also want to consider booking a hot air balloon ride while you’re there. The views from the sky are breathtaking and will leave you awestruck. Hot air balloon rides last 60 to 90 minutes, and they’re a must-do activity in Cappadocia.

Walking Oover a Cotton Castle


What better way to spend a morning than by walking over a cotton castle? Located near Denizli in the Aegean region of South Western Turkey, Pamukkale’s Thermal Baths are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a sight not to be missed! The baths are also located near the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis, making them one of the most unusual places to visit in Turkey.

The castle and surrounding area are a great way to start a day in this ancient city. There are many museums to explore during a visit to Pamukkale. The cotton-white terraces of Pamukkale are perfect for photographing the stunning blue sky. You’ll see Cleopatra’s bath in a museum here, and you’ll be walking over an ancient geothermal pool!

The name “Pamukkale” translates to “cotton castle,” and the surrounding travertine terraces and white travertines are among the most picturesque natural landscapes in the world. Known for its amazing beauty, Pamukkale is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, drawing more than two million visitors a year. Overall, the country of Turkey had 45 million visitors in 2018 and is set to surpass 50 million in 2019.

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