Top 5 Places to Visit in Kadikoy Istanbul

Top 5 Places to Visit in Kadikoy Istanbul

Top 5 Places to Visit in Kadikoy Istanbul: If you’re planning a trip to Istanbul, one of the best neighborhoods is Kadköy, a hip residential district on the Asian shore. You’ll be drawn to the area’s colorful murals, bustling fish and produce markets, and excellent Turkish cuisine. You’ll also find hip cafes and indie boutiques in the neighborhood’s buildings, which have views of Sultanahmet.

Baris Manco Museum

When in Kadikoy, you might be wondering what to do for a day. Well, you can visit the Baris Manco Museum. This is a museum dedicated to the famed TV and rock star Baris Manco. Exhibits are housed in his former home. A great way to learn more about this legendary person is to visit his museum.

Sureyya Opera House

If you’re in Kadikoy, you may want to check out the Sureyya Opera House, which is a restored 1927 theatre. Its interior ceiling is covered with Western-style frescoes. Box seating and a ballroom are available inside. The theatre’s façade is decorated with columns, bas-reliefs, statues, and elliptical pediment.

Istanbul Toy Museum

A must-see for those who love toys is the Istanbul Toy Museum, located in the Göztepe neighborhood of Kadköy district, Istanbul, Turkey. Opened in 1879, it is the largest museum of toys in Turkey. During your visit, you can learn about the history of toymaking in Turkey. In addition to the museum’s extensive collection of toys, the museum also features a number of other exhibits, which make for a fascinating day out.

Haydarpasa Railway Station


If you’re looking for a historical landmark, the Haydarpasa Railway Station is one of them. The station was built in 1872, and the building was reconstructed in 1908. Due to insufficient demand, the railway station has since been closed. However, it remains a historical attraction and is worth visiting for the architecture alone. Here are some tips for enjoying the sights of Kadikoy.

Osman Aga Mosque

If you’re interested in culture and art, Kadikoy is an excellent place to visit. The neighborhood is home to the largest food market in Turkey, and the city also has a great selection of museums, galleries, and restaurants. This neighborhood is also home to the famous Osman Aga Mosque. The area also features many shopping malls. Those looking for an inexpensive way to see the city’s most popular attractions will appreciate Kadikoy.

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