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Things to See and Do in Sanliurfa – Turkey

Things to See and Do in Sanliurfa

Things to See and Do in Sanliurfa: If you’re wondering what to see and do in Sanliurfa, Turkey, you’ve come to the right place. This southeastern city is the capital of the Sanliurfa Province, and it’s located on the plain east of the Euphrates River. The city has a warm, dry climate with cool winters.

Nemrut Dagi

Nemrut Dagi
Nemrut Dagi

If you want to see Mt. Nemrut, you need to be prepared to make a long drive. Getting there from Sanliurfa can be difficult, but there are taxis available. You can also hitchhike.

Nemrut Mountain is a huge mountain located in southeastern Turkey. The area has some important archaeological sites. There is an ancient tomb there and huge sculptures adorn the surrounding areas. The tomb was built by the Komogene Kingdom and is classified as a historical site.

Sanliurfa has a rich history, and you can learn a lot about it at the Sanliurfa Museum. You can also tour the town’s necropolis, which is located on the cliff face. It features many tombs carved into the rock face. There is also a museum dedicated to Muslum Gurses, one of the most famous singers in Turkey. Another popular site in Sanliurfa is the Sanliurfa Castle, located above Golbasi Park. From the top, you can view the city and Nimrod’s catapult.

Rizvaniye Mosque

The Rizvaniye Mosque in Sannliurfa is a beautiful building with a fascinating history. Built in 1775 CE, it was renovated in 1992-1993 CE. This beautiful mosque is surrounded by beautiful gardens. You can walk around the mosque and see how it looks from different angles.

The mosque is a popular place of worship in Sanliurfa. You can also explore the cave where Abraham is believed to have been born. It is open to tourists and they need to wear appropriate dress. Women will need to wear a headscarf. Sanliurfa also boasts a fascinating old town full of interesting historical gems and ancient doors.

Gobekli Tepe


When visiting the city of Sanliurfa, you may want to take time to tour Gobekli Tepe. The ancient ruins are home to a shrine to the Moon god, as well as statues and Assyrian inscriptions. This city is also the birthplace of the Prophet Job. In fact, it is considered the City of Prophets, and is a popular pilgrimage site for followers of Islam. Gobekli Tepe is located nearby, and public buses can take you there.

The site is also home to some fascinating carvings. Visitors can admire the carved fox, wild boar, and four-legged creature. These carved animals are in high relief and may represent a feline predator. These carvings are among the oldest in the world, and are the subject of many popular myths and legends.

While the Gobekli Tepe is a relatively small area, careful observation is necessary. You can easily circle the entire site in a few minutes, but the more attentive you are, the more you will notice. Each stone has different carvings and shapes, and it is important to know that these are not random placements.

Sacred Fish Ponds


There are many ways to enjoy Sanliurfa’s Sacred Fish Ponds. This park is surrounded by the Halil Rahman Mosque, which dates back to 1211. The ponds are home to hundreds of carp, which are considered sacred in Islam. Visitors can feed the fish and climb the nearby Urfa Castle.

Visitors are encouraged to feed the fish, which live in crystal-clear water. A white carp is said to open the doors to heaven. Visitors are also encouraged to visit the nearby museum, which houses artifacts found from nearby archaeological sites. The museum is set on three levels and weaves a fascinating story about the history of human habitation in this region, from the Neolithic period to the Ottoman period.

Among Sanliurfa’s sacred fish ponds is the Balikligol, a large pond where visitors can feed the carps. It is believed that the fish will show up by the hundreds to eat the food people throw in the water. Visitors should be careful, however, because a bite from a carp could blind you.

Mosaic Museum

Mosaic Museum
Mosaic Museum

The Mosaic and Archaeology museum in Sanliurfa, Turkey, is a must-visit place for visitors to Turkey. It houses ruins from the ancient cities of anlurfa and Harran, as well as ruins from a hydroelectric dam reservoir.

The museum is a large, round building that has been decorated with mosaics. The museum is also home to Neolithic and Chalcolithic art, including figurines of gods and Bronze rings. The museum’s collections of mosaics are particularly impressive. Many of the pieces are over 2,000 years old and date to the fifth and sixth centuries AD.

The Sanliurfa Archaeology Museum houses three laboratories. These facilities allow experts to photograph and document artifacts found during excavations. In addition, the museum has a library, a restaurant, and a playground for children. It is one of the largest museums in Turkey.

Another important attraction in Sanliurfa is Abraham’s cave, located near Abraham’s pool. This water-filled cave is significant to many religions.



The historic Grand Bazaar of Sanliurfa is an important cultural monument and offers a wide variety of shopping options. It also features several historically significant trading centers and is a masterful example of traditional architecture. The bazaar is renowned for its vibrant market, which includes a wide variety of local products, including pottery, antiques, clothing, and jewelry.

There are stalls selling just about anything you could ever want. Suleyman the Magnificent himself built this historic market in the mid-16th century. While strolling through the Bazaar, be sure to stop by the Gumruk Hani cafe. You’ll also want to visit the Arasa Hamami, which is now a museum.

Known by Turks as “the land of the prophets,” Sanliurfa is the seventh largest city in Turkey. The city is home to many ancient legends, including the story of Adam and Eve. A well near the city is said to have been where Adam and Eve first met. In the same region, Ishmael was born. In the city, Isaac met his future wife Rachel. The descendants of these two men include King David, Moses, Mohammed, and Ishmael.

The city’s grand bazaar is filled with customs and traditions that are centuries old. It is a place where old friendships and mystical associations have formed. There is a tradition of gatherings called Sira Geceleri, where people who have common interests come together to share their knowledge and ideas. These gatherings have a ceremonial nature and a sense of community and fraternity.

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