Scuba Diving in Turgutreis

Things to Do in Turgutreis, Turkey

Things to Do in Turgutreis

Things to Do in Turgutreis: While you’re in Turgutreis, you should not just stick to touristy things. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you can do a variety of activities, from shopping to boat trips along the coastline. In addition, you can do some scuba diving in Turgutreis or take a village tour. There are many other fun things to do in Turgutreis, so read on to find out what you should do.

Shopping in Turgutreis

Shopping in Turgutreis
Shopping in Turgutreis

While you’re in Turkey, you’ll want to check out the Turgutreis market. There are a variety of great things to buy, including clothing, leather goods, carpets, ceramics, souvenirs, and more. While you’re in Turgutreis, you’ll likely want to buy handmade leather items and hand-knit pashminas. This market is a great place to find unique gifts and souvenirs, so bring your cash, but beware of high prices.

The clothing section is located on the southern side of the main street in a small Sokak. The small stalls line either side of the street. The stalls sell a variety of clothing, including single or double bed throws and cotton sarongs. These are lightweight, perfect for the beach. Also, while you’re in Turgutreis, don’t miss the local artists’ shops. These stalls often feature paintings and handicrafts.

During the tour, you can enjoy the vibrant colors of the stands and the sounds of happy people. Make sure to bring a bottle of water and sunscreen so you don’t burn yourself in the sun. You should also prepare your camera so you can take pictures of the colorful stalls. This is a great opportunity to purchase souvenirs, or even just get some great bargains. If you love shopping, Turgutreis is the perfect place for you.

Turgutreis is also home to the largest open-air market on the Bodrum peninsula. This open-air market is crammed with delicacies and crafts, as well as clothing and textiles. You can even find a few handmade ceramics. It’s worth checking out this market if you’re in Turgutreis. Afterwards, spend an afternoon wandering the market and picking up some souvenirs to remember your trip.

Boat Trips Along the Coastline

Boat Trips Along the Coastline
Boat Trips Along the Coastline

The town of Turgutreis is located on the Bodrum peninsula. The town is named after the famous Ottoman admiral Turgut Reis, also known as Dragut. Turgutreis is the second-largest town on the peninsula. It is a good choice for budget and luxury holidaymakers. You can enjoy its laid-back vibe year-round. Several boat trips from Turgutreis take you to the island of Kos.

There are many ways to get to the port of Turgutreis. The town has a marina and an airport five miles away. There are bus routes and taxi stands along the port. There are shops, restaurants, ATM machines, toilets, and restrooms located within the town. There are also direct ferry connections from Kos to Turgutreis during the summer. Exas Shipping Services operates this service.

The second largest town on the peninsula, Turgutreis is a great base from which to explore the western side of the peninsula. There are many activities to enjoy while on holiday in Turgutreis, such as the beach and the weekly market. The town is also famous for its countless small islands off the coast. There are many photo opportunities, especially around the waterfront. There is also a cosmopolitan shopping center in the town.

Guests can opt for either a cruise or a snorkeling trip to the stunning Aquarium bay. The water is crystal clear, with visible depths of 20 meters. The staff of the boat will make the entire experience memorable and enjoyable for guests. A delicious lunch is served on board, and the tour finishes with a return to the Bodrum harbor. You can spend the rest of the day at the hotel.

Scuba Diving in Turgutreis


The town of Turgutreis is situated on the western part of the Bodrum Peninsula. The name of the town is carved into the rocks. The northern shores are shallow and uncomfortable for cruising in strong winds. This makes the southern shores a more convenient option. In Turgutreis, the D-Marin Scuba Diving Center is located on the southern side of the town. It is a cooperative and offers scuba lessons to tourists and locals alike.

Scuba divers can visit the site near the lighthouse. The depths here range from eight to 38 meters. It is filled with marine life, including red cardinalfish, morays, and octopus. Shellfish and a decent-sized lobster can also be found in the reef. The site is ideal for beginners as well as more experienced divers. You can cancel your experience up to a day in advance for a 100% refund.

Depending on your certification level, you can dive to deeper levels. Scuba diving in Turgutreis can be done on good-day boats. Prices range from PS30 to PS45 for a full day of diving. The dive tour includes lunch and two dives. It will return to the shore around 3pm. Scuba divers can also take advantage of underwater tunnels and caves. If you want to experience a deeper dive, you can also visit the underwater remains of ancient amphorae.

If you love exploring the underwater world, then Scuba diving in Turgutreis might be the perfect holiday destination for you. The calm waters and warm water make this country an excellent choice for families. You’ll find plenty of dive centers in the resorts. However, you’ll need to register with a dive center to dive here. The diving season in Turkey runs from May to November and water temperatures range from 18 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Village Tours

Village Tours
Village Tours

If you are looking for a fun way to spend your holidays in Turkey, consider visiting the town of Turgutreis. Located about 50 minutes from Milas-Bodrum Airport, Turgutreis is the second-largest town on the Bodrum peninsula, and is part of the Mugla district. The town is popular with tourists, with its five kilometers of sandy beaches and waterfront restaurants. In fact, it is regarded as a holiday resort and is one of the most popular in Turkey.

After your Turgutreis village tour, you can dine al fresco on local seafood and fast food. The Sunset Lounge serves delicious seafood, and is always busy on weekends. For lunch, you can also savor Turkish food at Nazar, which has a great view of the sunset. For a delicious English breakfast, head to Cool Breeze. It is located right on the beach. The town is also known for its beautiful sunsets.

If you are planning to visit the Turgutreis peninsula, you may also want to visit the town of Gumbet. Gumbet is a popular holiday destination for Greek holidaymakers, and the town’s weekly market is worth visiting. A Turgutreis tour will include a guided visit to the silver mosque in the town, a trip to a market, a seafront lunch in Gumusluk, and some free time to shop for souvenirs.

The town of Turgutreis has a lovely waterfront and plenty of water activities for tourists. But the real magic of the town lies in its history and traditions. While a holiday in Turgutreis is all about relaxing in the sun, you can also learn about Turkish culture by taking a village tour. If you’re interested in a Turkish night, be sure to check out the local dances, folklore music, and delicious food.


When you are visiting Turgutreis, you’ll want to eat well. Its cultural background and growing tourist appeal means that there are many delicious places to try. You’ll find everything from Turkish dishes to Mexican, British and Chinese cuisine. You might even be able to find a good breakfast here before you head out to explore the town. Here are some of the best places to eat in Turgutreis.

If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Turgutreis, try Kahve Dunyasi or Boom. Both are open year-round, and offer good coffee and pastries. If you’re in town at a popular time, head to Barcelona or Boom for a tasty lunch or dinner. Turgutreis doesn’t have many bars, but you’ll find several good coffee shops and restaurants.

The town of Bodrum’s southern shoreline is also a great place to visit, although most locals stay in Turgutreis throughout the year. The main airport is a few hours’ drive away. Luckily, there are reliable year-round transportation options available, including a central bus station and dolmus buses. The local dolmus bus is a convenient way to visit nearby attractions. And you can enjoy the scenery on your own, while enjoying a meal with family and friends.

The most popular restaurants in Turgutreis are located in the town’s historic center. Bodrum Eye Baby Turgutreis is a victoria resort. If you’re in the mood for sushi, try Yuhi Roof @ Swissotel. If you’re looking for a traditional Turkish restaurant, you can try Fener Restaurant. There’s a sushi restaurant in Bodrum as well, and it has an excellent view of the sea.

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