Samsun's Zoo

Things to Do in Samsun

Things to Do in Samsun

Things to Do in Samsun: There are many things to do in Samsun, including visiting the Hamamayagi Thermal Springs. You can also check out the Sahinkaya Canyon, the Samsun Zoo, and a ski resort. Regardless of how long you have been in the area, there is always something to do.

Hamamayagi Thermal Spring

The Hamamayagi Thermal Spring in Samsun is a legendary healing source. This beautiful natural spring is situated in the Hamamyagi village in the Ladik district of Samsun. It is considered to be the most important tourist destination in Samsun. It has numerous facilities, such as a picnic site and a travel plaza. It is also rated among the best hot springs in the world.

The spring is located on the North Anatolian Fault Zone and is approximately 36 degrees Celsius. It has a total dissolved solids content between 485.6 and 508.5 mg/L. Its rocks are Permian-aged gray limestones. Its delta O-18-delta H-2 isotope ratio indicates meteoric origin. Delta S-34 suggests a diagenetic environment, and the delta C-13 value suggests fresh-water carbonate dissolution.

Sahinkaya Canyon

brown rocky mountain beside blue sea under blue sky during daytime

If you love hiking, you should not miss Sahinkaya Canyon, a natural park located in Samsun. This 2.5 km long canyon was created by river erosion and mountain formation. It is one of the five tourism regions of Samsun. The canyon is home to many natural caves, including one of the narrowest passageways in the world, Kizilirmak.

You’ll also want to check out Ata Kum beach, Kizilirmak Plateau, Gazi Museum, and the Amisos Tombs. These places all are rich with nature and history. In addition, Samsun has many waterfalls and lakes.

There are several hiking trails in Samsun. The Sahinkaya Canyon is a 340 metre tall canyon that is 2.5 km long. You’ll want to make sure you’re fit to tackle it, as it’s challenging and can be tiring. However, it’s well worth it!

Samsun’s Zoo

Samsun's Zoo
Samsun’s Zoo

The Samsun Zoo is one of the largest and most popular attractions in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Located in the Ilkadim district, it is home to a large variety of animals from both common and rare species. With more than 200 animals in total, there is something for everyone in this zoological garden.

Samsun is a coastal city with a moderate climate, but the weather can be a little chilly. It’s typically sunny in the summer and cool in the winter. In addition, the Samsun Museum is one of the city’s main attractions. It is home to artifacts from ancient civilisations. The Emisos ruins, for instance, were built in the 8th century BC. The cupboard containing items from that civilization contains coins, clothes, and jewelry.

Ski Resort

The Sahinkaya Canyon is one of the hidden treasures of Samsun. This place is beloved locally and well-known throughout Turkey. It is filled with blue and green hues that make the scenery absolutely breathtaking. It is accessible by boat, and visitors will be surrounded by the fresh, crisp air.

Samsun’s Akdag Ski Center is an impressive winter tourism destination. Thousands of locals visit the ski resort every year. In fact, the ski center aims to break its current tourist record by 2021. It is currently hosting five visitors a week, which is the most in a week since the season began. The ski resort also offers a restaurant and motel, which makes it an excellent option for visitors.

The Samsun area is home to two ski resorts. One is the Ladik Akdag Ski Resort, which is more of a regional ski resort, while the other is a modern facility that is popular with locals. Located near Ladik Lake, the Ladik Akdag ski resort has a 1500-meter cable car. Another ski resort, Atabari, is located within Hatila Valley National Park and offers 800 meters of slopes.

The city has an impressive collection of cultural landmarks. Its oldest mosque, the Pazar Mosque, was built by Ilkhanate Mongols in the thirteenth century. Another impressive structure is the 115-meter-tall Sheraton Hotel. Samsun used to have a number of Greek Orthodox churches, but most were destroyed during the Turkish War of Independence. The skyline of the city has changed a lot in the past few years, with new, mid-rise buildings replacing the low-rise skyline.

In addition to the ski resorts, the city also boasts other attractions that are well worth visiting. The city’s ancient history has roots dating back to 5000 B.C. and is home to the legendary Amazons. These women warriors lived in a state separate from their male counterparts. The town is proud of its heritage and proudly displays its Amazon heritage in several places. There is an Amazon statue near the seaside, where visitors can sail under her.

You can fly to Samsun from Istanbul via the Istanbul New Airport. You can also fly to Samsun from other cities in Turkey and Europe. A rental car can make the trip much more convenient.

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