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Things to Do in Foça – Turkey

Things to Do in Foça

Things to Do in Foça: The town of Foça is located in Turkey on the Aegean Sea. It is an interesting destination for both day and evening excursions. You can visit Fatih Mosque and Sirens’ Rocks. There are also plenty of things to do on your own. Foça is also a perfect destination for families, as there are many things to do in Foça for kids.

Yeni (New) Foca

Yeni (New) Foca is a town 23 kilometers north of Eski (Old) Foca. This seaside town has beautiful sandy beaches and warm waters. The town is the second largest in the country and has several restaurants and small fishing boats.

The Yeni Foca district is protected by strict environmental policies. As a result, the district features many old houses. Tourists can enjoy the dramatic sea view from the road. The district is also known for its vernacular texture and biodiversity. Boat tours are regularly organized in the areas of Foca and Yeni Foca. In order to preserve the character of the old houses, new construction is forbidden in many areas.

The two parts of the town are distinct but both have a peaceful atmosphere. In the Old Town, the streets are made of stone and are reminiscent of bygone eras.

Foca was originally a seafarers’ village. It was founded around 1,000 B.C. and had a rich history. Today, Foca is known for its Mediterranean Monk seals. Currently, there are only a few hundred of these creatures left in the Foca region. The area is also environmentally protected, and many ancient structures remain unspoiled.

Fatih Mosque

The Fatih Mosque in Foça, a medieval city in Turkey, is a stunning example of Ottoman architecture. Its central dome is supported by four semi-domes, and the building is square in plan. Its interior is largely intact. The mosque was originally a complex of buildings, with a hospital, library, and market.

The Fatih Mosque in Foca is one of the oldest Ottoman monuments in the city. Although its architectural features have been lost in the process of restoration, it still offers a glimpse of the Ottoman period. It was built by Mehmet II after his capture of Foca in 1455. Its main entrance gate has two inscriptions mentioning Suleyman the Magnificent and Mustafa Aga.

Visitors should wear modest clothing to enter the mosque. Women should wear a head scarf to cover their hair. Larger mosques may have head scarf lending boxes at the entrance. Some mosques are closed to non-Muslims because of recent health concerns. If you’re visiting a mosque in Istanbul, it’s best to check the opening hours. In general, mosques are open to non-Muslims during non-prayer hours.

The Fatih Mosque is located just a 10-minute walk from the waterfront. You can also visit the Gediz Tower, which is said to have been built by an Alexander the Great general.

Sirens’ Rocks

Sirens' Rocks
Sirens’ Rocks

The volcanic rock Islands of Foca are home to the famous Sirens’ Rocks, a group of six islands that offer breathtaking views and great boat excursions. In the Greek myth of the Odyssey, sailors were tempted to crash their ships into these islands when they heard the voice of the Sirens. The rocks are formed of volcanic rock and are reminiscent of birds and seals.

The islands of Foca are a major tourist destination and are home to the Mediterranean seals. These sea creatures are estimated to be fewer than 400 in the world, and their presence on the islands is protected by the National Committee of the Mediterranean Seals of Turkey. The seals live in caves and between the rocks of Foca.

Foca is also home to the Mediterranean monk seal and a unique breed of rooster. Locals claim to have only seen the rare seal a handful of times in their lives. Visitors can also visit shops where you can buy miniature monk seals and roosters. While you’re in the area, don’t miss the historic Bes Kapilari castle and the Sirens’ Rocks.

Day-Long and Evening Tours

Day-Long and Evening Tours
Day-Long and Evening Tours

The city of Foca is located along the Mediterranean coast, northwest of Izmir. It is famous for its monk seals, which are endangered in the wild. The town has a number of boat tours available that go to seal island and return with lunch. Private tours can also be arranged, and are great fun. However, most visitors simply stroll through the u-shaped bay that is lined with fishing boats.

There are a number of transport options for getting to Foca, including municipal buses and Izban trains. A bus departs every twenty minutes during the summer and once an hour during the winter. You can also use your own car, but be aware that the narrow streets can put you at a disadvantage.

There are also a number of attractions in Foca, including historic ruins and the beach. Foca is an excellent destination for divers and snorkelers alike. There are many dive sites here, and the sea is clean and clear. The town is also known for its clean air and natural beauty.

Foca’s weather varies considerably with the season. The warmest part of the year is from June 15 to September 27, when temperatures average over 71 degF. The coolest part of the year is from December 15 to April 25.

Scenic Cruises

Scenic Cruises
Scenic Cruises

A scenic cruise is a perfect way to experience the Aegean coastline. You may be able to see Mediterranean seals as you drift past or glimpse the historic fortresses of Dis Kale and Beskapilar. The views are breathtaking and Foca is a great place for sunsets. You can also visit the stone-walled Kavala Cafe and the atmospheric Letafet wine tavern. Then, for dessert, you can head to the famous Nazmi Usta, which is the place for the best ice cream in Foca.

You can also enjoy a relaxing spa treatment or fitness program. A fully equipped gym and a swimming pool are available on board. There is also a jogging track. In addition, Scenic cruises offer cooking demonstrations and other self-improvement programs.

Scenic Cruises also offer a range of excursions that are all-inclusive. The Discovery Team leads these tours. Activities may include kayaking, a tour of an art gallery, or a guided tour. You can also take part in Scenic’s exclusive Enrich experiences. The Scenic Cruise Line also offers different dining options and housekeeping services. Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or exploring the culture of a country, Scenic offers a variety of options for a memorable vacation.


There is a lively nightlife in Foca Turkey, with many beer houses, wine bars, and pubs. This vibrant scene is located mainly along the coast. During the warm summer months, these bars are always hopping. It’s a great place to spend the night, and there are also a number of seafood restaurants that offer delicious dinners and drinks.

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