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Things to Do in Fethiye at Night

Things to Do in Fethiye at Night

Things to Do in Fethiye at Night: There are many things to do in Fethiye at night, including visiting the Lycian rock tombs and traditional music. There are also many nightclubs and restaurants. While you are there, make sure to explore the outdoor fish market, which is located near the old town. A lot of restaurants feature fresh fish from the local waters. However, overfishing has become a serious problem in the Mediterranean. You can visit the market for free or pay a small fee to use the umbrellas and loungers. It will take a couple of hours to walk along the promenade.

Traditional Music

Traditional Music
Traditional Music

You can enjoy traditional music in Fethiye at night if you want to relax after a day of sightseeing. Turkish music is a unique blend of sounds made by different instruments. It can be very lively or very haunting, depending on the genre. The locals will be glad to share their musical talents with you. You can also join in the fun by singing along or playing a traditional instrument. In Fethiye, you can also find a variety of live bands, and you can enjoy traditional music played by Turkish musicians.

Some of the best places to enjoy traditional music in Fethiye at night include Kum Saati, which is located near the port of Fethiye. In the same area, you can also enjoy live music at the Deep Blue bar. There are also many local restaurants that offer traditional music. Some of these places also feature hookahs, so you can have an authentic Turkish experience while enjoying music.

Turkish Night is another way to enjoy the music and dance of Fethiye at night. This nighttime event is filled with music and dancing and will make you feel as if you’re in an ancient city. You’ll get a chance to listen to a traditional Turkish song as well as some local Turkish dances. It’s a fun experience that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Fethiye’s vibrant nightlife includes live music, bars, and discos. The harbor promenade is a great place to listen to live music in Fethiye at night. Traditional Turkish music is often played by local musicians, and you’ll hear a variety of songs by Turkish musicians. There are a couple of nightclubs that are open until the early morning hours.



There are a number of nightclubs in Fethiye. The main concentration is in the town center, where there are many different bars and discos to choose from. Some of the most popular places to go out dancing in Fethiye include the Ottoman Bar, Car Cemetery Bar and Deep Blue Bar. Regardless of your tastes, there is sure to be a nightclub in Fethiye that is suitable for you.

For a less refined night out, there are a number of Turkish bars in Fethiye. Time Out Club is particularly popular after midnight and features karaoke, dancing and a selection of cocktails. Professional dancers can be found at the club, which is well worth a visit. There is also a wide selection of food and drink options at reasonably low prices. A great place to start your nightclub search is with Fethiye’s Nightlife Guide.

Fethiye is a vibrant town that is popular with both domestic and foreign visitors. The town has a rich history and a fascinating cultural heritage. The town is home to several historic attractions, including the ruins of an ancient city. You can explore its ancient city walls and participate in a variety of activities while on vacation in Fethiye, including extreme sports. The nightlife here is lively, but is also safe for children.

Calis Beach, a seven-kilometer stretch located five kilometers east of Fethiye city center, is a popular nightlife area. There are a variety of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs lining the beach, and the breezy climate is perfect for kite flying and windsurfing. You can also dine in a local restaurant on the shore or on a beach, such as Guven’s Bar. The sunset views from Guven’s Bar are also spectacular, making it a popular place to catch the sunset.

Visiting Fethiye’s Old Town

Visiting Fethiye’s Oldtown at night is a fun and different way to see the city. The little square in the center is filled with food stands and a fish showcase. You can choose a fish and take it to a local cafe, where you can have it cooked and served with mixed greens. The seafood showcase is one of the most unique things to do at night in Fethiye.

The ancient city of Telmessos is also visible in Fethiye. It was one of the most important cities of the Lycian civilization. The city’s ruins date back to the 11th century. Climbing to the top of Fethiye Fortress will allow you to see incredible views of the city and surrounding countryside. You can also see mountain goats on the summit.

Visiting Fethiye’s Old City at night is one of the best ways to appreciate the old city. The light from the lanterns makes the city more beautiful. The Tomb of Amyntas is another impressive place to visit while you’re in Fethiye. Built in 350 B.C., it is reminiscent of rock tombs in Dalyan. You can walk to the tomb from the top of a rock and view the city in a unique way.

There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained while in Fethiye at night. If you enjoy nature, you can visit the Saklikent nature park. This park is good for people of all ages and abilities. Make sure to bring sturdy water shoes as some of the rocks can be dangerous if you have bare feet. During the day, you can spend your time strolling the narrow streets of Fethiye’s Old Town.

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