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Things to Do in Erzurum – Turkey

Things to Do in Erzurum

Things to Do in Erzurum: If you want to visit Erzurum and enjoy its historical and natural beauty, there are plenty of activities you can do. Erzurum is also home to a park named after Nene Hatun, who played a key role in Turkish history. The park is located on the Mecidiye and Aziziye redoubts. Another natural wonder of Erzurum is the Tortum Waterfall. You can also try your hand at nature sports at the Coruh Valley.

Ataturk University

Ataturk University
Ataturk University

Located in eastern Anatolia, Ataturk University in Erzurum is a well-known Turkish university. The university has many facilities that make it an ideal choice for students. Its hospital is one of the best and largest in the country. It serves a wide area of Eastern Anatolia, and students can receive medical treatment free of charge, including 24-hour care. Several social facilities are also available on campus.

The university’s Erzurum campus was surveyed to see what students thought about the campus. A Visual Quality Analysis Questionnaire, consisting of 21 EITS, was administered to 74 students. The results were then analyzed using variance and Duncan multiple comparisons. The lowest scores were at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the High-Tech Research Centre, and the Faculty of Law.

The meeting also involved representatives of other universities. The directors of the universities of Agri Ibrahim Cecen and Ardhan University attended, as well as the directors of the two OSU alumni in Turkey. The director of OSU’s global gateway office in Istanbul and an increase in the number of OSU faculty based in Turkey, were also recognized at the event.

The university also has a School of Foreign Languages. This school offers services for graduate and undergraduate students. The services include language lessons and compulsory courses.

Palandoken Ski Resort

green trees near snow covered mountain during daytime

One of the best ski resorts in Turkey is located near Erzurum. Visitors can enjoy skiing or snowboarding in Palandoken, which is a 15-minute drive from Erzurum. The ski area is home to three chairlifts and a telecabin, and offers a range of amenities for skiers and snowboarders. The area is also home to several shops selling equipment and apparel.

The Palandoken ski resort offers a variety of activities, including night skiing on illuminated tracks. There is also an extensive schedule of live music events. In addition to skiing, the resort has restaurants, chairlifts, and ski instructors to help beginners and advanced skiers alike. Located just minutes from Erzurum city, Palandoken offers a convenient location and excellent service to visitors.

Palandoken is located in the eastern region of Turkey, and offers skiing and snowboarding at altitudes of up to 3,176 m. The ski area is well-known for international competitions and features a variety of accommodation options. Its proximity to Erzurum Airport makes it easy to reach.

Though Palandoken is largely unknown outside of Turkey, it has become one of the fastest-growing ski centers in the past decade. It has all the elements to become a destination ski resort. It has a sizeable ski area, a 1000-meter vertical, a modern lift network, and a gondola.

Aziziye Bastions

The Aziziye Bastions in Erzuum, Turkey, are ruins of a fortress. During the Ottoman-Russian War, this fortress was a key defense against both Russian and Armenian attacks. In addition to its historical significance, it served as a symbol of the Turkish resistance. Today, the ruins of this fortress can be visited, even in the snowy season.

The history of Erzurum’s bastions dates back to the Ottoman-Persian Wars of the eighteenth century. The city’s military was based here, and they erected 22 bastions on high viewpoints around the city. These bastions contained army barracks, military headquarters, eating and drinking sections, and ambush rooms. Today, the Aziziye Bastion is one of the most important historical sites in the city.

The Aziziye Bastions are the best-preserved examples of medieval fortress. They were built to protect the city, but it became a major target during the 1877 Ottoman-Russian War. The fortress was attacked on 7 November by Russian forces, assisted by local Armenian gangs. As a result, the Russians managed to capture the fortifications and kill all of its Turkish guards. Among the casualties was Nene Hatun’s brother, who was killed in the same attack.

Mecidiye Bastion is another important historic site in Erzurum. It is located east of the city. Its strategic position has been instrumental during the Ottoman-Russian War, also known as the 93 War.

Ulu Cami Mosque

Ulu Cami mosque in Erzurum is an excellent example of an Ottoman mosque. It is one of the oldest in Turkey, and is a popular tourist destination. Located in the heart of the city, it offers spectacular views over the city. It is also known as the Tabey Mosque, after its Saltukid builders.

This mosque, also called the Great Mosque, was built in the early 1200s. It is rectangular in shape, with seven naves and a central aisle that is higher than the side aisles. It has five entrances and one main portal on the northern wall. It is an important historical monument and one of only two mosques from the Saldukid era that have survived intact.

The interior of the mosque is quite large and is decorated with various architectural features. The main prayer hall is seven bays in width and has a central aisle that runs from the main portal to the mihrab. Its roof structure is supported by 28 freestanding piers, which are topped with a hipped roof. The interior of the mosque is also decorated with gold-leaf ceiling tiles.

The mosque was built in the 12th century and features a stone mihrab decorated with stalactites. The lower part of the mihrab niche was repaired recently. Its interior features geometrical motifs, which are typical of twelfth-century mosques. A stalactite mihrab niche carved in high relief is decorated on both the walls and floor. The minaret is located to the right of the main portal, obstructing the original window.

Aziziye Park

The Aziziye Park in Erzurum has beautifully landscaped gardens with more than 11 thousand plants and 100 adult trees. Its garden features several places to sit and relax. There is also a giant chessboard and mini ornamental pool. In addition, the park includes numerous objects that represent the Ottoman-Russian War.

The park features a 20-meter-high. The park’s fountains are illuminated at night, making the area a romantic evening place for couples. Located in the city center, the park offers a picturesque view of the city.

Shop Center

person holding hanged black shirts

There are many things to do in Erzurum, Turkey, and Alisveris Merkezi is one of them. The city is considered a metropolis in Turkey and is home to a variety of different cultural and economic institutions. You can find everything from handcrafted goods to boutique shops to international brands in the city. You can even take a shopping spree at Forum Erzurum, a modern-looking shopping center. If you’re hungry, try some of the local specialties at Kars Bakkaliyesi, including tulum cheese and karakovan bali.

The hotel in Erzurum offers free Wi-Fi in all of its guest rooms and has convenient transport services available to and from the city. The hotel is also known for its daily housekeeping and offers guests excellent service. It offers a comfortable stay at a very reasonable rate.

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