Things to Do in Beyoglu Istanbul

Things to Do in Beyoglu Istanbul

Things to Do in Beyoglu Istanbul: Beyolu is a district of Istanbul located on the European side of the city. It is separated from the old city by the Golden Horn. This region was home to the ancient city of Galata. Today, it has a cosmopolitan vibe with a lot of shopping, dining, and other activities.


Istanbul’s Beyoglu district is home to a thriving nightlife scene. This area is also home to some of the city’s most historic landmarks and hotels. The area was once home to many different cultures, and there are a variety of fun activities to enjoy here.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive night out, try Kadikoy. The main street is packed with pubs and clubs. There are also plenty of cafes and chill out bars that overlook the water. There’s also a Metro line that runs 24 hours a day. And if you don’t feel like walking, you can always take a taxi to the Taksim or Besiktas districts.

If you’re looking for a more intimate nightlife experience, try Minimuzikhol, a club that features international DJs and local DJs. The club is packed on weekends, so it’s best to arrive by 10pm. Gizi Bahce, a club on a small building in Nevizade street, is another option. This club is usually packed on weekdays.



You can do some great shopping in Beyoglu Istanbul, Turkey. If you’re looking for a little bit of history, you can go to the Grand Bazaar, or visit the nearby Merter neighborhood. Here you’ll find textile products like scarves and shawls, as well as leather and metal goods. While the prices may be a bit high, the selection of clothing is quite diverse and worth checking out.

You can find a wide range of international and local brands at the Bayrampasa district on the Asian side of the city. You’ll find more than 300 stores, cinemas, bowling alleys, and entertainment centers. You can even take a helicopter ride around the center. In addition to shopping, the Bayrampasa district has a huge kids’ entertainment complex, featuring a movie theater, cafes, and play areas.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, you can visit the Kadikoy Bazaar, which is located on the Asian side of Beyoglu. It has more than 70 shops and welcomes shoppers from all over the world.  This market is one of the most authentic and historic places to shop in Istanbul, and offers great bargains.



The Museums in Beyoglu, Istanbul have a diverse collection of works by world-renowned artists. In addition to their permanent collection, they also stage frequently changing exhibitions. Located in the Tophane neighborhood, the museum is housed in a former maritime warehouse and features exhibition spaces on two floors. The top floor houses the permanent collection while the lower floor features temporary exhibitions, a library, and a cinema.

The Istanbul Miniature Park houses 135 models in 1:25 scale. They cover 15,000 square meters and feature models from Turkey, Anatolia, and beyond. Visitors can also find historical structures and models of famous places in the world. The park also has extra space for expansion. Located on the western side of The Golden Horn, this museum is not as well-known as Taksim Square, so visitors may want to spend some time there.

Pera Museum is an art museum in Beyoglu, just a five-minute walk from the metro station and a seven-minute ride on the funicular. Located right next to Odakule alleyway, this museum is accessible by taxi and offers excellent service. Guests can take a taxi from the Pera Palace Hotel taxi rank. The museum has a good reputation and is also home to high-profile temporary exhibitions.

Turkish baths

red and white table cloth on white table
Turkish bath-hamam

The Turkish baths in Beyoglu, an upscale district in Istanbul, date back to the fourteenth century. Baths were important for hygiene and community gathering. It’s also important to note that indoor plumbing wasn’t invented until a few hundred years ago. The communal baths were built to be a central feature in the city center and accessible to all. The baths are also tied to Islam as a way to cleanse before entering a mosque. Consequently, the remaining baths are often located near mosques.

There are several popular Turkish baths in Istanbul. The Haseki Hurrem Sultan Hamam, a grand bath built for the Sultan of Turkey’s second-most-powerful ruler, was built by chief architect Mimar Sinan in the mid-16th century at the request of the Hurrem Sultan (Roxelana). The bath has separate sections for men and women. The dome covering the cold room is 26 meters high, a height that can withstand the temperature of an adult.

The Bostan Bath is another popular bath in Beyoglu. It is located on Yerebatan street and is visited by both men and women. Its large, octagon-shaped belly stone is a popular place for women to visit. The bath’s four-century-old history makes it one of Istanbul’s best-maintained baths. The Turkish baths in Beyoglu have been operating for centuries, and you’ll be able to experience the benefits of a relaxing bath here.



If you’re in Beyoglu, Istanbul, you’ve probably heard of the many restaurants serving Turkish cuisine. But what about fancy Turkish food? The food is served both in traditional Turkish dishes and in gourmet versions that will take your taste buds by storm. You can also enjoy a drink or two while listening to live music.

If you’re visiting Istanbul for business, you can try a traditional Turkish meal at esnaf lokantasi, a charming traditional tradesman-themed restaurant. The food is hearty and delicious, and you can enjoy Turkish-style dishes alongside American-style coffee, European-style cafe-bar fare, and traditional Turkish alcohol classics. Beyoglu has a wide variety of dining options for all tastes, and you can try them all in just a couple of days.

For dining in Beyoglu, the former Grande Rue de Pera is packed with restaurants and cafes. You can also discover interesting restaurants on side streets. You’ll find plenty of meyhanes, as well as more upscale restaurants off the beaten path. Beyoglu is home to an array of western-style restaurants, from high-class restaurants to hip hotels. The district has something for everyone.

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