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Things to Do in Balat

Things to Do in Balat

Things to Do in Balat: There are many things to do in Balat. The neighborhood is a colorful mix of narrow cobbled streets and colorful houses. There are cutting-edge galleries and hip cafes sitting alongside neighborhood grocers and historical houses. The neighborhood’s cosmopolitan past is evident in the buildings, including old synagogues and Byzantine churches. Don’t miss the Chora Museum, which has vibrant frescos and golden mosaics.

Cifit Bazaar


There are several things to do in Cifit Bazaar in the Balat neighborhood. This is an authentic bazaar that originated from Jewish immigrants during the Ottoman Empire. Visitors to this bazaar can browse through various antique, vintage, and mirror stores. In addition to these items, you can also visit a local Jewish synagogue.

The colorful streets of Balat make it an ideal spot to stroll around and enjoy the life of the locals. It is also an excellent location for photographers, as well as those who enjoy the history and architecture of Istanbul. The district also contains two major synagogues, the Ahrida and Yanbol Synagogues. Ahrida Synagogue, which is one of Istanbul’s oldest and was built by Romaniots in the 1430s, has one of the most important treasures in Istanbul: the ancient Torah scrolls. There are also ruins of a Jewish hospital and school. The area also houses several historic sites, including the renowned Agora Tavern.

You can also find a great cafe or local restaurant in Balat. Some of the famous places to eat in Balat are Fida Cafe, Maison Start, Agustos Cafe Antika, and Vanilla Cafe Balat. You can also sample Turkish delicacies and drinks in a number of restaurants, including the trendy Forno and Old Balat Cafe & Kitchen.

If you love antiques, you should check out the Fener Antique Auction. It starts at 3 pm and runs until 8 pm. During these hours, you’ll find a great selection of antiques at a good price. You can also buy handmade crafts at the flea market.

If you are in a hurry, don’t worry. The neighborhood is easily accessible by tram or taxi. Take the T1 or T3 tram from Eminonu or Kabatas. You can also catch a public bus from Taksim.

Merdivenli Yokus Street

Merdivenli Yokus Street is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul, with its seven-colored houses perched on a hill. It is the symbol of Balat, and has been featured in many local TV shows and movies. It is a popular spot for amateur photographers, but it can get crowded.

It is one of the few neighborhoods in Istanbul that has managed to preserve its local culture and history. The area is known for its many old houses and friendly residents. These photos show the most popular street in the district, with its colorful houses lined up side-by-side with a sloping staircase between them.

While there is a lot of shopping to be done in Balat, the city is also home to several quaint and traditional markets. If you are looking for fresh food, a local market is a great place to shop. There are also many unique items to buy in these markets. These aren’t your typical big-brand stores, but they will have something that suits your budget.

For souvenirs, you can head to the antique shops. This is an exciting place to buy sentimental objects. You’ll find items of all types, from functional objects to sentimental ones. The antique shops are also a great place to watch auctions. It’s worth a visit, and you’ll never be disappointed!

Traditional Desserts


Whether you want to try Turkish delights or traditional desserts, the markets in Balat offer a great variety of choices. The market is known for its fresh produce and local wares, but it doesn’t have any big brand names. Instead, you’ll find unique products and interesting ambiance.

Balat is a historic neighborhood in Istanbul. The neighborhood was settled by immigrants from different countries, including Jews.

There are many local restaurants and cafes in Balat, as well as hip cafes where you can enjoy Turkish coffee and tasty treats. Balat is also home to several bakeries. Despite its small size, you can find excellent food at reasonable prices in Balat. And, of course, you can try the famous trilece.

After you’ve eaten your fill of local food, don’t forget to try some of the Turkish desserts. You’ll want to try Baklava, which is a treat that originated during the Ottoman Empire. It is made from phyllo dough and traditionally stuffed with pistachios. The baklava in Gaziantep is especially famous.

Historical Houses

The neighborhood of Balat is one of the oldest in Istanbul, and the houses here date back more than two centuries. The residents are friendly, and the area includes many churches, Mosques, and synagogues. The district also boasts many small, colorful alleys. In fact, many of the homes are now restaurants and cafes.

The most beautiful historical houses in Balat have an impressive number of features. A unique water pump dating back to the Byzantine period is located in the kitchen, and the original patterns of the stairs and doors are also visible. The house also features marble sinks, a boiler, and a hot water tank. It also has a security system, and a fire sensor connected to the alarm system. A camera intercom is also available to ensure that your family stays safe.

Cruise tour of Golden Horn

bridge over the sea during daytime

If you’re planning a trip to Istanbul, a Cruise tour of the Golden Horn is a great way to see the city’s sights. The Golden Horn Cruise also makes stops at Balat, Fener, Sutluce, and Eyup. You can stop for a cup of tea at the cafe or grab a snack. Then, head to the hill for magnificent views of the Golden Horn and the city.

The Golden Horn is a natural harbor on the Bosphorus that separates the old and new parts of Istanbul. During the Byzantine era, the area served as a colony settlement and the homes of non-Muslim minorities. The area has a lot of history and is now a popular spot for tourists.

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