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Things to Do in Artvin – Turkey

Things to Do in Artvin

Things to Do in Artvin: If you’re wondering what to do in Artvin, you have a few options. This city is located in northeastern Turkey, about 30 kilometers inland from the Black Sea. It has many things to offer visitors ranging from nature to nightlife. Its many historical attractions are also worth a visit.


Nature Lovers
Nature Lovers

If you’re looking for a peaceful environment where you can enjoy nature, one of the best places in Turkey is Artvin. It offers beautiful natural scenery, a wide variety of activities, and camping spots. And, if you’re a photographer, this place is especially great! Here are some of our favorite spots to see the beautiful natural landscapes of this province.

Artvin is a province in the northeastern part of Turkey. It has two natural parks and is a popular destination for tourists. The region is also home to a small community of people who have dedicated their lives to preserving nature. While you’re visiting this area, make sure to visit Karagol Nature Park, which has a unique landscape and diverse flora. This park is one of the city’s most popular tourist sites.


2.3 Million People
2.3 Million People

If you’re looking for an exciting weekend break in Turkey, consider visiting the inland city of Artvin. This city is located about 30 km from the Black Sea. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the region’s rich culture and natural beauty. Artvin is home to several historical sites, including the ancient ruins of the city.

The town has a large Georgian community, the Chveneburi Georgians, who settled here during the 19th century’s turbulent times. This unique ethnic group is known for its rich folk culture, characterized by a rich variety of music and dance. Some examples of folk dance include the famous Arifana and Kochari.

Artvin is located in the northeastern part of Turkey, about 30 km inland from the Black Sea. It is accessible by car or intercity coach from Istanbul, though the drive could take as long as two days. Alternatively, if you’re traveling by plane, you can fly to one of two nearby airports: Trabzon or Batumi. From there, you can rent a car and drive to Artvin.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous vacation, you’ll find a number of different activities in Artvin. From hiking through the rocky landscape to rafting or canoeing, the region’s natural attractions and diverse landscapes offer plenty of ways to get your adrenaline pumping. There are several tour operators in the region that offer adrenaline-filled activities and tours to top destinations in Artvin.

If you’re a history buff, you can visit the famous Ardanuc Kalesi, which is situated on a large rocky outcropping overlooking the Coruh Valley. Its history dates back to ancient civilizations. During the Ottoman Empire’s Sultan Suleiman I’s reign, the castle was expanded. It contains a chapel and wine cellar.


There are various ways to enjoy the nightlife in Artvin. The city is home to many festivals, clubs, and bars. The main attractions of Artvin include the Artvin Atatepe and the Kafkasor Arena. If you’re traveling in Artvin with kids, there are several fun activities you can take part in during your visit.

If you’re a man, dressing for the occasion is a must. You’ll want to look presentable and confident, but you should also dress in a way that will keep you cool.

Artvin has a very diverse nightlife. You can find pubs, bars, lounges, and even nightclubs. Artvin is also home to many small concerts for live music lovers. If you’re into rock music, Artvin is the place to be. There are nightclubs open until dawn, as well as small concerts. There is also something for everyone, and TravelShop Turkey has organized tours of Artvin’s nightlife for you.



If you’re looking for something a little different, you might want to take a trip to Artvin. This town on the Black Sea boasts three castle ruins. The first one dates back to the old Georgian civilization. The other two are from the Ottoman period. In the past, visitors were not allowed to visit them unless they had a special permit from the local government. But recently, the Artvin Municipality has opened these historical sites to the public.

The first castle is Artvin Castle, located on a steep hill and is the first thing you will see when entering the town. Another castle, called Livane Castle, is located on the Coruh River opposite the Artvin Bridge. The original castle was built in the 10th century by King Bagrat. It was repaired several times under Ottoman rule. Inside, you can find ruins of a chapel and cistern.

The fortress is also located in Georgia. According to the information boards inside, it was built around the 10th century, but it may have been earlier. This was the time of Adarnase of Tao-Klarjeti, the founder of the Georgian Bagratid dynasty. He fought to expand his territory and sought Byzantine protection.

Artvin experienced the signature climate of the Black Sea region. The region was heavily forested and prone to rain. Rain often turned to snow in higher altitudes, making it cold during the winter. The area was also home to the Laz people, a mysterious race of Caucasian origin. While the Laz people initially practiced Christianity, they later converted to Islam.

If you love adventure, Artvin is the place for you. The city is surrounded by high mountains and forests. There are lakes and waterfalls throughout the area. The city has a wide variety of activities to choose from.

National Parks

In the province of Artvin, you can explore Hatila Valley National Park, a steep-sided river valley. Located near the Black Sea, the park enjoys a micro-Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cool winters. The region is also rich in wildlife, including the grey wolf, brown bear, and leopard.

The area is also rich in food traditions. Hamsi, or Anatolian anchovies, are plentiful in the region and are considered Turkey’s national fish. Locals have grown attached to hamsi and other hamsi-related products and have made them an important part of their everyday life. However, the main attraction of Artvin is its natural beauty and the numerous outdoor activities available. A few of the most popular activities include camping, jeep safaris, and rafting.

The province of Artvin is home to several national parks. One of them, Karagol-Sahara National Park, was designated under state protection in 1994. It is comprised of 3,251 hectares of land and is a popular recreational area for locals. On the other hand, the Sahara side preserves a traditional Black Sea highland lifestyle.

Visitors to Artvin can also explore the region’s rich fauna. Bears, pigs, badgers, and wild goats are among the many species that call this area home. Additionally, the landscape is beautiful and is characterized by unique geological and geomorphologic features. If you’re in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this area!

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