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The Biggest Shopping Centers in Izmir – Turkey

The Biggest Shopping Centers in Izmir – Turkey

The Biggest Shopping Centers in Izmir: If you are looking for a big shopping center in Izmir, then you’ve come to the right place. There are several options in this city, including the Forum Bornova. This shopping center takes its inspiration from the traditional architecture of Izmir. It’s a large mall with many shops, and it’s the most popular shopping complex in Izmir.

Optimum Outlet

Optimum Outlet
Optimum Outlet

Optimum Outlet is a five-storey shopping mall in Izmir, Turkey. It has an underground car park and is just a few miles from the airport. It features a variety of stores, including home appliances, clothing, and jewelry. In addition, it has shops for children, a food court, ice rink, and a movie theater.

You can get to Optimum Outlet AVM by bus or metro. It is located between the Adnan Menderes Airport and the downtown area of the city. There is a metro station nearby and mass transit is very easy to use.

The Optimum Outlet is a large shopping mall that opened in March 2012. The mall’s facade is built in a wavy shape and is designed to face the shores of the Aegean. It has natural stone and metal louvers and includes an exterior courtyard. Inside, shoppers can find a variety of clothing, electronics, and household goods at discount prices. The center is also home to several restaurants and a spa.

Another great place to shop is Izmir’s flea market. This traditional market is located in the northern part of the city. It has a variety of stalls selling local crafts and souvenirs. You can also purchase handmade robes and skullcaps at a very reasonable price.


Located in the city center, MaviBahce is one of the largest shopping centers in Izmir. The lively shopping center features local brands and casual restaurants. It also includes an IMAX cinema. For those who love to eat, there are plenty of options in the food court.

The MaviBahce shopping center has four levels and accommodates over 200 specialty stores and 47 cafes and restaurants. It also features the largest floor for children in Izmir and various entertainment facilities, including the first IMAX theater in Turkey. The shopping mall also offers more than 2,000 parking spaces and several outdoor recreation areas. Its design was inspired by the architecture of Izmir’s traditional houses and bridges. In addition, it features Aegean flowers, pools, and stage performances.

As the city’s largest shopping center, MaviBahce hosts many international and local brands. Some of its notable tenants include Beymen, Vakko, Koton, and DeFacto. It also hosts popular festivals such as “Feast in the Sky” and “Wings for Life World Run.” MaviBahce also houses the city’s first IMAXIMA movie theater.

MaviBahce has been open since November 14, 2015. It is located between the Mavisehir Shopping Center and Hilltown Karsiyaka. The mall has a playground and the largest children’s stores. It also features an IMAX cinema, which has a screen that seats 2,500 people.

Visitors to the Mavibahce Shopping Center are mostly young women under the age of 40. They spend a lot of time there, and engage in activities and events that are promoted. Moreover, they often share their experiences on social media, including locational data. These data provide a unique case study for investigating spatial production practices in an urban setting.

Palmiye Alisveris Merkezi

You can go shopping in this big shopping complex in Izmir, Turkey, if you are visiting the city. This shopping complex is home to many different clothing stores and offers goods that are made locally at competitive prices. You can also find high-quality leather and textile products here. The mall is located in a building that also houses a large hotel.

There are many shopping centers in Izmir. However, the Palmiye Alisveris Merkezi is the biggest. It has everything you need to shop and relax. It has a cinema and even a swimming pool. Moreover, there are restaurants and bars inside the shopping mall.

This shopping center has everything you need: entertainment, restaurants, cinemas, and cafes. It also has a movie theater and bowling alleys. The mall is also home to local cuisine. You can also enjoy a beer, soda, or soft drink at a nearby cafe.

Soke Market

The city of Izmir has a variety of shopping areas. The Soke market is the largest and best known. It is also home to the Zubeyde Han?m Museum Ship, Arkas Art Centre and the Ataturk Museum. You can also ride a horse-drawn carriage through the city and visit the ancient Church of St. Polycarp, which was built in the early 17th century. It is also the oldest still-functioning Christian worship house in the world. This historic site was built in the wake of the Romans’ burning of St. Polycarp in AD 155.

Izmir is one of the most liberal cities in Turkey and is quickly developing into a thriving tourist destination. With an increase in cruise ship passengers and a growing economy, Izmir is helping the surrounding areas prosper. You can also visit historic sites such as the Agora open-air museum, which is situated on a hill. This ancient site has ruins from ancient Greek and Roman cities. The city was also a key stop on the Silk Road.

Another major shopping center in Izmir is Kemeralti Mall. This large shopping complex is home to many shops. You can find everything from luxury bags and Turkish shoes to clothing and cosmetics. There is also a cinema. The prices are extremely low here, making it an extremely popular shopping center in Izmir.

If you have time, check out the ancient Agora and the archaeological museum. Both of these are very interesting. You can also check out the ruins of the ancient Greek and Roman marketplaces.

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