What to Do in Icmeler – Turkey

What to Do in Icmeler What to Do in Icmeler: Located eight kilometers southwest of Marmaris, Icmeler is a great place for a holiday in Turkey. It has a bay surrounded by pine forests on three sides. Hiking is a popular activity here, and you can enjoy fantastic views of the area. There are a variety of activities to keep you entertained during your holiday in Icmeler. This article covers some ...

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It is Cheaper Than Marmaris

What Is Icmeler Like?

What Is Icmeler Like? What Is Icmeler Like? If you've ever wondered what is Icmeler like, you're not alone. This Turkish resort town is known for its sandy beaches and thriving weekly markets. You can also find a number of luxury hotels on the island's shores. The climate in Icmeler is a nice mix of hot and cool. Icmeler is a Resort Town Located on the southeast coast of Turkey, Icmeler is a ...

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