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Sightseeing in Edirne, Turkey

Sightseeing in Edirne

Sightseeing in Edirne: If you are planning a holiday to Turkey, you should consider visiting Edirne. This city is situated in northwest Turkey. The city has many attractions, including the Selimiye Mosque, built by architect Mimar Sinan. This mosque has a large dome and four minarets. Inside the mosque complex is the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, which contains religious and ethnographic exhibits. One of the mosque’s minarets is topped with three balconies.

Turkish Cuisine

Turkish Cuisine
Turkish Cuisine

If you love history and culture, you should plan a trip to Edirne. You’ll find many historical sites here, from the city’s cathedral to the Ottoman Empire’s Old Palace. In addition to museums, this historic city is home to the famous vineyards of Thrace. If you’re looking for something to do while you’re in Edirne, try oil wrestling, a popular tradition in this city that dates back to 1346. The winner is crowned with a golden belt.

If you’re a foodie, try eating local fare, which is abundant in this city. Local meats and produce are prominent in the region, and many of the restaurants here serve traditional Turkish favorites. A favorite of locals is “can ciger,” fried liver served with onions. The food in Edirne is delicious and is well-worth trying.

A day trip from Istanbul, Edirne offers visitors the opportunity to sample Ottoman cuisine and experience a slice of history. This historic city lies close to the borders of Greece and Bulgaria, and has a population of approximately 165,000. The city’s mosques rival Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. You’ll also find authentic Ottoman cuisine in the city’s covered market. Throughout the city, you’ll see a bustling town square, an impressive covered bazaar, and a bustling bazaar.

If you’re not interested in walking around, you can take a private tour. Oftentimes, private tours include bilingual guides and private transportation. You can return to Istanbul after the tour. The price of private tours depends on how long you want to stay in the city. So, make sure you budget plenty of time for your trip. You’ll be glad you did! And remember, you’ll want to enjoy both Turkish cuisine and Edirne sightseeing!

Historic Bridges

The district of Karaagac, located in the south-west of Edirne, is home to two historic bridges. The first, Ekmekcizade Ahmet Pasha Bridge, crosses the Maritsa River, while the second, known as the Tunca Bridge, spans the Tunca River. Both bridges were built during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Michael Palaelogus (1261-1281).

One of the bridges is named after the archer who was in charge of building it. The bridge was restored in 1420 by Gazi Mihal Bey, and in 1640, the archer Kara Mustafa Pasha built a mansion to go with it. The other bridge, Sehabettin Pasha, was completed in 1451, and has twelve arches measuring 11 feet. This bridge is one of the oldest in the city, and is a symbol of Edirne’s proud history.

The Ergene Bridge was constructed by Ottomans as a way to cross marshy land. This bridge was built on faulted land and survived for more than five centuries. Its unique construction technique, architecture, and workmanship makes it an exceptional piece of architectural art. Its ornaments show that it was built for a purpose. It is a perfect example of medieval engineering, and is the largest stone bridge in the world.

The Ergene River Bridge is the oldest stone bridge in Turkey, and is 578 years old. It was built by the head architect of the Ottoman Empire, Muslihiddin, between 1426 and 1443. Built to cross the Ergene River, the Ergene Bridge allowed the Turkish army to make expeditions in winter. The bridge connects two different cultures and geographies, and it is one of the oldest in the world.

Ottoman Imperial Mosque

The Selimiye Mosque was built in the mid-16th century. The Ottoman architect who supervised the construction was Mimar Sinan. He had a lot of experience in building mosques. He also had apprentices. Today, the mosque is a popular tourist attraction. Its beautiful interiors are a testament to the craftsmanship of the Ottoman Empire.

The Selimiye Mosque complex is one of the best-preserved mosques of the Ottoman Empire in the world. The complex consists of a great mosque, a covered market, a clock house, an outer courtyard, and a library. The interior decorations are exemplary and showcase Iznik tiles from the peak of the Ottoman Empire. This complex is considered one of the most beautiful examples of the Ottoman kulliye style.

It features an impressive dome made of lead and brick. The walls are honey-colored and the main portal is framed with red sandstone. The lower part of the buttress system is decorated with a geometric pattern. The main door of the mosque is located at the northwest corner of the courtyard. The mosque is surrounded by open space and contains 999 windows. Its interior is quite plain and simple.


The nightlife in Edirne is very colorful and vibrant due to the city’s large student population. There are many bars, cafes, and nightclubs to choose from, as well as a variety of different music genres. Visitors to the city can have a great time grabbing a drink or a cocktail, or simply go out and relax. No matter what you are looking for, Edirne has it all.

During the day, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the city. Edirne Sogutluk Urban Forest is a great place for nature photography. You can also dive at the Saroz Ibrice Port, which is a popular tourist destination. There are also numerous historical sites in the city, including the Edirne Sogutluk Urban Forest and the Gokcetepe Nature Park. If you want to have more fun, check out Edirne’s Nightclub District.

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