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Places to Visit in Adana – Turkey

Places to Visit in Adana

Places to Visit in Adana: Adana is one of the largest cities in southern Turkey. It is located 35 km inland from the north-east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the administrative capital of the province of Adana and has a population of 2.26 million. There are several things to see and do in Adana.

Ataturk Park

Ataturk Park
Ataturk Park

The Ataturk Park in Adana, Turkey is a 4.7-acre park that is home to two statues of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. This park is also a botanical garden, containing 512 different species and rare types of plants. This park is similar to Inonu Botanical Park. It is also home to a Chinese garden and two hundred seats.

Another place to visit in Adana is the Ataturk Museum, which was built in 1924. It is located on Seyhan Street and looks over the Seyhan River. The museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and historical exhibits. Modern-day infrastructure in Adana also reflects its diversity. The city is served by five long-distance railway lines and a commuter train.

Adana is also home to a public park, Ataturk Park, which is ideal for families. It contains many statues, trees, flowers, and pathways. Many birds also live in this park, making it a great place to hang out with family and friends.

In addition to its historical significance, Adana is home to some of the leading companies in Turkey. Its economy is based on agriculture, but it also has a thriving industrial landscape. Major industries include furniture manufacturing, food processing, and fabricated metal products. In fact, eleven of Turkey’s top 500 industrial firms are based in the city. These include Temsa Global, Turkey’s largest automotive manufacturer, Marsan-Adana, and Advansa Sasa, Europe’s largest polyester manufacturer.

Seyhan Dam Lake

Seyhan Dam Lake
Seyhan Dam Lake

If you’re looking for a scenic place to visit in Adana, you might want to take a trip to Seyhan Dam Lake. This lake, built in the 1950s with World Bank funding, is home to one of the largest inland water reservoirs in the southeast Mediterranean. Its maximum depth is 6 meters and stretches for nearly nine thousand hectares. Since its construction, the lake has been a popular destination for outdoor sports and recreation.

Visitors should also make time to see the Ataturk Museum, located on Seyhan Street in Adana. Open every day, the museum is dedicated to Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey. In addition to exhibiting artifacts from the War of Independence, you can view many items relating to the early years of the republic. The museum is protected as an immovable cultural asset by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Another place to visit in Adana is Merkez Park, a public park covering 82 acres. The park is home to dozens of different types of plants and trees. The park also has a 5.4-acre playground and a mini-amphitheater. There are lifeguards on duty, and there are refreshments available.

Kapikaya Canyon

Kapikaya Canyon is located in Adana Province, southern Turkey. Its breathtaking natural landscapes and lush vegetation are sure to inspire wonderment. This canyon has a deep, narrow gorge that makes it the perfect place for hikers and nature lovers to relax.

You can also visit a Neotilic Era Village. This region has been home to the first settlements of humans in the area. This is a very unique experience and you will be glad you took the time to visit it. The warm weather here makes you sweat.

Another attraction in Adana is the Kapikaya Canyon, which is around 40 kilometers from the city. This canyon is 200 meters high and is divided into two parts by the Cakit Stream. You can walk through the canyon for about seven kilometers, which is a lot of fun. The canyon is surrounded by lush vegetation, including oleanders. Another popular place in Adana is the Varda Bridge. This historical site is located two kilometers north of Hacikiri Village and is known as “The Giant Bridge.”

The Adnan Menderes Post Road Recreation Area is located west of Adana. It has picnic tables on the shore of the Cakit Stream and toilet facilities. You can also purchase tea and pancakes in the market. You can also take photographs in the area.

Anavarza Ruins

The Anavarza ruins are an outstanding archaeological landmark with huge ruins, a Roman-era city gate, hippodrome, aqueducts, and a castle. The road to the ruins is bumpy, but the site is well worth visiting. It is a good idea to bring some water with you.

The Anavarza Ruins are the ruins of a city that lasted more than a thousand years during the Roman Empire. This city was also home to the renowned physician Dioscurides. In 2014, this ancient city was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The ruins of Anavarza are located near the village of Dilekkaya. The site is situated on a 200-meter limestone outcrop. It is inter-visible with other ancient castles like Yilan, Amuda, Tumlu, and Sis. The ruins are on a spur where the river Sombaz Cay flows over, then joins the river Ceyhan. This spur is surrounded by nearly vertical cliffs and was the site of an ancient city called Anazarbus.

There are several other historical sites near Adana. The Ulu Camii, Sabanci Merkez Camii, and Stone Bridge over the river Seyhan are among the many places worth visiting. You can also try local dishes and drink aslama, a licorice drink. Adana is also known for its bird sanctuary.

Ziya Pasha’s Tomb

The tomb of Ziya Pasha is located in the park named after him. He was a famous poet and the governor of Adana for a time. His tomb is situated between the Ulu Mosque and the Ramazanoglu Mansion.

The tomb of Ziya Pasha is an important place to visit in Adana. It contains inscriptions written in kufi calligraphy, nezih calligraphy, and sulus calligraphy. The southern and northern sections display male and female tombstones. Throughout Adana, you can find many tombstones of Ottoman and Byzantine history.

Another place to visit in Adana is the Adana Ethnography Museum. The museum contains the epitaphs and inscriptions of notable people of Adana. The museum was opened in 1983 in a former Greek Church and has since moved to a new building. The museum closed in May 2012 but will reopen in 2016 at the newly constructed Museum Complex.

Ziya Pasha’s tomb is one of the most popular places to visit in Adana. It’s located in the historic center of the city. Adana is also home to the tomb of Seyyid Hasan Riza, the French devrim who ruled the city for eight years. A visit to the tomb will leave you inspired and in awe of the rich history of Adana.

Tas Kopru Stone Bridge

Tas Kopru Stone Bridge
Tas Kopru Stone Bridge

There are several places to see in Adana, Turkey, but few are more spectacular than the Tas Kopru stone bridge, built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd century AD. This bridge was once a major link for ancient business and trade pathways, and it still stands strong today. Another place to see in Adana is the Seyhan Canyon, which was formed by tectonic plates and is a beautiful hiking destination. In addition, the Varda Viaduct is another historic building that was built during the Ottoman period and was designed by Imperial German engineers.

Visitors to Adana should also check out the historic clock tower, the Buyuk Saat. It is 32 meters high and was constructed in the Ottoman era. The tower is also noteworthy, as it was built by Armenian architects. The ancient city also boasts a large number of museums, including the Ethnographical Museum, which features exhibits of Turkish art. In addition, visitors should take the time to check out the Archaeological Museum, which features a collection of ancient artifacts.

Great Mosque

Great Mosque
Great Mosque

The Great Mosque in Adana is one of Turkey’s largest mosques. It has an exterior that is similar to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is also the largest mosque in Turkey before Istanbul. Its purpose is to serve as the city’s center of culture.

This mosque’s interior is full of details that make it unique. The marble and wooden doors were built in a kundekari style. The mosque also has stained glass works done by Ali Turan and Abdulkadir Aydin. The minarets were built using armored concrete, a type of concrete that is made by mixing white cement with ivory-colored crushed stone.

The Great Mosque was built in Adana in 1513. It is located next to the city’s Orhan Gazi Park. The mosque has twenty domes and is located on twelve four-cornered columns. It is one of the most important historical religious tourism facilities in Adana.

The Great Mosque in Adana is one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey. It is a masterpiece of art and architecture. The interior is decorated with intricately designed tilework and intricate mosaics. Its dome is one of the most beautiful in the world.

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