Tellalzade Tea Garden

Kadikoy Attractions in Istanbul

Kadikoy Attractions in Istanbul

Kadikoy Attractions in Istanbul: Located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Kadköy is a charming residential neighborhood with an active fish and produce market, colorful murals, and some of the best Turkish food in the city. The neighborhood is also home to hip cafes and indie boutiques. You’ll love the views of Sultanahmet from many of the buildings.

Tellalzade Street

Tellalzade Street is a popular shopping street in Kadikoy, and features numerous antique shops. The street is located near the Kadikoy Fish Market. You can also visit Sanatcilar Street, which is known as Artists’ Street and features a variety of local ceramic artists.

Kadikoy is also home to the Kadikoy Antiques Bazaar, which is home to a number of vintage shops. This street is a great spot for those who enjoy a unique vintage shopping experience. It is also a great place to eat and drink, and offers a pleasant atmosphere.

You can also find many excellent cafes, shops, and restaurants in Kadikoy. If you love ice cream, you can find a place to get it here. The line is usually long, especially during the summer and winter months. The ice cream at Ali Usta is particularly delicious, especially in the walnut flavor.

Another must-see attraction in Kadikoy is the Goztepe Toy Museum. This museum is located in a beautiful, green neighborhood. It was founded in 1694 and has thousands of toys from all over the world on display. Children will love this place because it has a rich history.

The Apollon Theatre was once the name of Istanbul’s first female theatre actress. Now a popular nightclub, it features live performances in a cosy atmosphere. Its elegant interiors are accented with wrought iron chandeliers, plush sofas, and ribbed ceilings.

Other Kadikoy attractions include the Haydarpasa Railway Station and the Selimiye Barracks. Both were built by the Germans during the 1920s to serve as a rail connection between Berlin and Baghdad. You can also visit Kadikoy Market Place. There are also open-air tea houses to enjoy the city’s street life and enjoy the views.

Tellalzade Tea Garden

The Tellalzade Tea Garden, Kadokoy attractions are not just about tea! This place is famous for its extensive menu of world cuisines, along with its long wine list. It is also surrounded by a beautiful leafy garden. You can sample various Turkish delicacies while you enjoy the scenic view of the city.

Another attraction in Kadikoy is the Baris Manco Museum. In the 1960s, this legendary Turkish musician mixed traditional instruments with psychedelic sounds. His popularity made him a household name in Turkey, and his house is now a museum honoring him. The museum also contains personal effects and stage costumes from the legendary singer.

Kadikoy is also known for its nightlife, which is popular with the Anatolian population. Kadikoy has several quality entertainment venues, including a number of live music bars. Popular bars in Kadikoy include Monks, Komodor, Buddha Bar, and Zeplin Pub & Delicatessen.

Kadikoy is a beautiful neighborhood that has a relaxed vibe. The streets are lined with antique stores and second-hand bookstores. There is also a picturesque embankment where you can stroll and enjoy the view of the Bosphorus and old Istanbul. The neighborhood also has many cafes and restaurants, and a beautiful tea garden.

Kadikoy is a cosmopolitan district in Istanbul. It is an important transportation and cultural event hub. It also has a huge population of young people. Kadikoy is also home to a residential suburb called Moda. The name Kadikoy means “Village of the Judge.” Historically, this area was a megarian town located near Byzantium.

Sureyya Opera House

Süreyya Opera House, also known as Süreyya Cultural Center, is a historical building located in the Bahariye district of Kadikoy district in Istanbul. It was built in 1886 by Ottoman Armenian architect Kegham Kavafyan under the supervision of Istanbul Deputy Süreyya Ilmen. The building is a stunning example of Ottoman art and architecture, and is a popular place to see opera and other performances.

The Sureyya Opera House was reopened to the public in December 2007 with a performance of Yunus Emre (Opus 26) by Ahmet Adnan Saygun. The theatre was built 80 years ago, and the stage is 14 meters wide and 10 meters deep. It is also home to a large orchestra pit and fourteen dressing rooms. The theatre seats about five hundred people, and there is a ballroom on the second floor.

The Sureyya Opera House is home to the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet. You can enjoy opera and ballet performances three days a week in this historic venue. The opera house is also home to art exhibitions and many events throughout the year, such as the Republic Day Ball.

The Sureyya Opera House, also known as the Süreyya Cultural Center, is an important cultural center in Istanbul. It is the first of its kind in the area and was originally built with the intention of promoting the arts and culture of the city. It was later used as a movie theatre until 2007, when it was reopened as an opera house.

The Sureyya Opera House is one of the city’s most popular attractions, and is located on Bahariye Street. You can also catch a tram there from the harbor, which runs from the city’s harbor.

Akmar Passage

If you are a young person who loves the vibrant lifestyle of Turkey, then you’ll love Kadikoy. This district is one of the most alive places in the world, filled with colorful people and breathtaking places. The area is also known for its historical sites. You can find the remains of ancient civilizations, including Chalcedon, in the area.

Before the earthquake, the Akmar Passage was home to various music markets and cafes. The area is a popular hangout for students and those who are interested in books. Besides new books, you can also find used books and music albums at this area. You can also find rare books in many of the stores.

This part of Istanbul has a long history dating back to 675 BC, when the Phoenicians established a trade colony in the area. Because of its geographical importance, the area was home to numerous civilizations over the centuries. The Byzantines visited the area in 658 BC, and they were enamored with the beauty of the area and Topkapi Palace. The Byzantines called Kadikoy the “Land of the Blind” for a period of time.


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