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How Hot Is Marmaris in May?

How Hot Is Marmaris in May?

How Hot Is Marmaris in May? In May, the average high temperature is 26oC. At night, the temperature drops to around 13oC. The water temperature is around 20oC. The humidity is low, and the average rainfall is only 29mm over five days. However, UV levels are high, and the sun will be up for the most part of the day. The sun will set at around 8 pm. Therefore, it’s not too hot, but you should take precautions and use sunscreen.

Average Daily Maximum

Average Daily Maximum
Average Daily Maximum

In May, the average daily maximum temperature in Marmaris is 26°C. The temperature is typically colder at night. During the daytime, the sea temperature is around 20°C. This Mediterranean climate has very low humidity levels and little rain. The sun does not set until 8 pm, and the winds are light and gusty. This warm, dry weather is perfect for beach vacations. During the cooler winter months, the temperature can get very cold.

The temperatures in Marmaris start to rise in May as the tourist season begins. In May, the average daytime temperature is 20degC, and the seawater temperature is around 20°C. The average day will have ten hours of sunshine. A warm-weather holiday in May is sure to be a great time to spend with your family. The average rainfall in May is 29mm, which is just over a quarter of the normal amount.

The average annual precipitation in Marmaris is 2.6 inches. The wettest months are January and July. The dry months are August and May, while January is the wettest. On average, it rains 37% of the time in May. The lowest amount of precipitation is recorded in mid-May. There are no days of significant rainfall on average in mid-May. Meanwhile, three days of significant precipitation are recorded in the week of January 22nd.

The average daily maximum temperature in Marmaris varies from nineteen degrees Fahrenheit in January to nineteen degrees Celsius in July. The dry season lasts from mid-April to October and is associated with less rainfall. The coldest month in Marmaris is January. The average high temperature in May is 14degF, with the average low temperature only seven degrees Celsius. The water temperature in August is 26degF (79°F).

If you’re planning a vacation to Turkey, May is the perfect time to visit. The days are longer, so there is less rain than during winter. Temperatures are high enough to swim, though you should choose a sheltered bay. Fortunately, prices in May are lower than they are during other months. During May, the Hidrellez Festival celebrates the arrival of spring with traditional gypsy bands.

While the weather in Marmaris is mostly warm, it can become cold in the afternoon. You should pack a light jacket and umbrella if you are planning to go swimming. However, the average daily maximum temperature in Marmaris in May is usually only 30 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for water sports. If you’re interested in taking a day-long trip to Marmaris, you may want to consider visiting during the shoulder season. During the shoulder season, the beaches will be less crowded and the temperatures are not too high for outdoor activities.

Average Maximum Sustained Wind Speed

The average maximum sustained wind speed in Marmaris in the month of May is 7.7 mph. The winds tend to be stronger during the peak season of November to April, and the calmest month is May. In general, the wind is coming from the northeast. However, windy conditions in Marmaris are rare during the summer months. The winter months tend to be calmer, with an average wind speed of 7.3 mph.

Although Marmaris is a calm city most of the time, the windy months are July, August, and June. The average wind speed in July is around 4.2 knots, which is considered a light breeze. The highest wind speed occurs in late January and late February, when maximum sustained winds reach 7.6 knots. The average temperature in May is slightly warmer than that of the winter months.

The average minimum temperature in Marmaris in May is 64deg. This is slightly warmer than the previous month, but not as warm as July, August, or September. In Marmaris, the average maximum sustained wind speed in May is 17mph, and it will decrease to 7.5 mph by the end of the month. During May, the wind will be coming predominantly from the north, with a peak of 42% on May 31.

The rainy season lasts from mid-July to mid-September, with an average of 135mm of rain on 10 days. This season also has the highest chance of precipitation (more than 19%). While the dry season lasts from mid-April to mid-April, July and August see the least rainy days. The average high temperature in May is a warm 27degC.

A wet day is one with 0.04 inches of liquid equivalent. The chance of a wet day in Marmaris in May is decreasing each day. The highest chance of a wet day is 37% on December 23. The lowest is 1% on August 16.

April 2022 was the windiest month on record. At six feet off the ground, the average wind speed was over 30 miles per hour. That’s about a half-decade record for the month. The winds in the rest of the month were much lower than the peak April wind speed in 2022. Despite the record high wind speed in April, Marmaris is one of the warmest months on record.

Chance of a Wet Day

The probability of wet days in Marmaris varies from month to month. The months with the highest probability of rain are June, July, and August. In the opposite season, January is the driest month, with an average of 71.5%. The month with the lowest probability of rain is mid-May, when the probability of precipitation is only 37%. The month with the highest probability of precipitation is July, with an average of 38.6% of the time.

During May, you can expect an average of twelve hours of sunshine a day. On average, there is just nine days with rain, with most of it falling as light rain. While it’s still important to bring plenty of sun cream and a jacket or two for the evening, the chance of a shower in May is relatively low. The sunrise and sunset in May are both at 6.10am.

A clear and rainless day is best for swimming and other hot weather activities. A temperature range of 75-90degF is ideal for this purpose. For those who want to enjoy their time at the beach, you should plan your trip during the hotter months of June, July, and August. In mid-May, the average high is 57degF, and the average low is 44degF. In general, the coolest month in Marmaris is January.

Temperatures in Marmaris begin to rise in May as the tourist season gets underway. The average day temperature in May is twenty degrees Celsius, and the sea temperature is 20 degrees warmer. Even with the higher temperatures, it’s still a great month for swimming and sunbathing in Marmaris. With average temperatures in the mid-seventies, you can enjoy the beach for longer periods of time.

The wettest month in Marmaris is December, with an average of 135mm of rainfall. However, there is a small chance of wet days in June. From late November to mid-April, the rainy season lasts 3.2 months. The dry season lasts from mid-April to October. During the summer, there is a high chance of rain and the sea temperatures are warm.

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