It is Also a World-Class Surfing Destination

Five Things to See and Do in Cesme, Turkey

Five Things to See and Do in Cesme

Five Things to See and Do in Cesme: Located north of Bodrum Peninsula, Cesme is a world-class Aegean resort with pristine beaches and thermal spas. This unspoiled coastal town offers the perfect balance of sybaritic indulgence and easy access to day trips. This article will show you what to see and do in Cesme. It is a popular summer resort for Izmirians and has something to offer everyone. Here are five things to see and do.

Cesme is a Popular Summer Resort For Izmir

İzmir Cesme
Izmir Cesme

In addition to being a beach town, Cesme is a cosmopolitan city that offers many activities and entertainment. A popular place for Izmir to spend their summer vacations, Cesme has some historical significance. In the 14th century, the Genoese built a fortress here, which was later rebuilt by the Ottomans. There is a sea history museum and weapons museum in the fortress. The beaches here are some of the longest along the Aegean coast and feature clear water.

The town is home to several famous hot springs and beaches, which are attracting international and Istanbullus visitors. Still, the town maintains a rural charm compared to the cosmopolitan Izmir Peninsula. A six-lane highway connects the two districts, and there are some beautiful beaches. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. You can also visit the nearby villages and enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside.

If you have a beach vacation in Cesme, you should visit Ildiri, an ancient site that emerges on the stage of history around 3000 BC. The town has been declared a national heritage site, and some parts of the ancient city still stand. One building contains floor mosaics from the Hellenistic period. A theatre and temple from the Roman period are also located at Ildiri. The Izmir Museum exhibits statues from the ancient city.

It is Also a World-Class Surfing Destination

It is Also a World-Class Surfing Destination
It is Also a World-Class Surfing Destination

In addition to being a world-class surfing destination, Cesme offers an abundance of beautiful beaches, which can all be found within 15km of the town center. Cesme has many different types of beaches, which are perfect for children and families alike. The area also has rocky outcrops and crystal-clear waters, which make it a great place to snorkel. It is also a great place for kite-surfing competitions. This resort is also known for its high-end entertainment scene, with many high-profile DJs and global high society residents.

This modern resort is home to a number of excellent hotels, restaurants, and discos, and boasts some of the cleanest waters on the coast. The northern coast of Cape Cesme is the perfect spot for water sports. In 1968, Holly Schweitzer and Jim Drake attached a sail to a board, introducing the world to a new water sport.

A popular holiday destination, Cesme has a long seafront that is ideal for strolling and a thriving commercial area. It is also known as the windsurfing and kite surfing capital of Turkey, and is considered one of the top three surfing destinations in the world. It is also an excellent base for exploring the surrounding Izmir peninsula. Tourists can easily reach the city by bus, ferry, or plane.

It Has a Castle

The eşme Castle is a historic castle located in eşme, Turkey. The building was constructed in the 12th century and has a fascinating history. Today, the building is a museum, so you can explore it and learn about its history. Its stunning architecture and interior design are reminiscent of medieval Europe. There are also tours and workshops available, if you are interested in a more hands-on experience.

The Cesme Castle is a popular tourist attraction in the town of Cesme, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Its commanding height makes it a popular destination for tourists. This ancient fortress is home to a museum, which houses cultural relics from various periods of the town’s history. Originally, the castle was on the seashore, but alluvial deposits moved it inland and the walls are now more than 10 meters wide.

The building may have been built earlier, but the Ottoman sultan Bayezid II was the first to build it in 1508. The castle is located in the heart of Cesme and features a museum of historical artifacts and monuments. From its top, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the town.

The upper castle has many rooms, including the Archaeological Halls. There are a number of displays here, including the amphora exhibition. These are objects that were recovered in the region by divers and fishermen. In the 20th century, the castle became an Archaeological Museum. The ruins of the castle also contain the tomb of Hayraddin Barbarossa, a famous Seljuk commander who rose to become an admiral of the Turkish navy.

It Has Beaches


Located 15km from the town centre, Cesme boasts a plethora of world-class beaches. With rocky outcrops and crystal-clear water, these beaches are perfect for children and families. They are also popular with those interested in wind surfing, kite surfing and competitions. There are also a range of facilities for visitors to enjoy. These beaches can be enjoyed by everyone, from families to adventure-seekers.

There are numerous beaches in Cesme, and the most popular are Altinkum Beach, located 5km from the city centre. The water is crystal clear, and the beach has a small beach restaurant and water sports facilities. The beach is a popular destination for locals, and it is easy to see why. There is also a public bathroom at Altinkum Beach, which is accessible for free. Alternatively, visitors can hire deck chairs or umbrellas from beach vendors.

Guests can also enjoy the freshest seafood on the Aegean Sea at Ferdi Baba Restaurant. This restaurant serves delicious fresh fish and hors d’oeuvres. You can enjoy your dinner while watching the sunset or rising over the sea. At this restaurant, you can also enjoy your meals with a view of the city. You can dine on fresh fish while enjoying a drink on the beach.

It Has a Marina

Cesme Marina
Cesme Marina

The Cesme Marina is a popular boating destination located in the old town. This marina is operated by Camper and Nicholsons and opened in 2010. The breakwater has recently been extended to provide better shelter in strong N winds. It is easily accessible from the north and south. The marina offers a variety of watersports. Some of the most popular watering activities are windsurfing, diving, sailing, and water skiing.

In addition to the marina, the Cesme Marina Guest House provides a relaxing, air-conditioned atmosphere. Rooms have views of the marina and offer views of the sea. Guests can visit nearby Boyalik Beach, which is 1.6 miles away. The marina will have a grocery store and shops for supplies and services. It will also feature a laundromat and washrooms. The Cesme Marina will also include a supermarket, chandlery, restaurants, and a café. It will also offer wireless Internet access, washrooms, and dedicated parking.

The Cesme Marina is an award-winning facility, offering luxury facilities to vessels of all sizes. It is perfectly situated for cruising the Aegean and Mediterranean. The marina has a deep water dock with a depth of three to four meters. The Cesme Marina also features water, electricity, Internet, and a lavatory and shower. It is also well-equipped with a grocery store, a self-service laundry, ATM machines, and a wastewater disposal system. It also features a boat lift with an 80-ton capacity.

It Has a Nightlife

people dancing inside room with green lights

Located at the western end of Turkey, Cesme has something to offer both European and Turkish travelers. It is a picturesque town with hot springs and the perfect nightlife. In addition, wealthy Europeans have summer homes in the city. A large portion of Cesme is Alacati, which has a great nightlife and white stone masonry houses. The town is increasingly popular with tourists from abroad.

The nightlife in Cesme is vibrant and fun. The town offers a variety of cocktail bars, clubs, and live music performances. Some of these venues are located downtown while others are spread out along the coast. The beach clubs are popular with visitors. These venues feature great live music and dance performances. The locals love to spend their evenings in the sun, so there are several options for them. Some nightclubs have private beach access and are only a 15-minute drive away from the center of Alacati.

Ayayorgi Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Cesme. This bay offers plenty of entertainment venues and is a favorite among young people. If you want to spend a night on the beach, you can visit Shayna Beach Club, located near the former KafePi Beach Club. The beach club is popular throughout the summer season. You can enjoy the music and dancing until the early hours.

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