Cheap Shopping in Istanbul Turkey

Cheap Shopping in Istanbul

Cheap Shopping in Istanbul: If you’re looking for a cheap shopping spot in Istanbul, there are some great options. Check out Terkos Passage, Al Fateh market, Cicek Street and Mahmutpasa Bazaar. All of these locations have affordable prices and offer a wide selection of products.

Terkos Passage

Passage Shopping Mall
Passage Shopping Mall

Terkos Passage is one of Istanbul’s best places for cheap shopping. It is a marketplace where unsold and unfashionable clothes can be bought for a fraction of their cost. With three levels of stores, it is the perfect place to get a bargain.

This shopping area is located near Taksim, one of Istanbul’s most famous neighborhoods, and is home to some of the city’s best malls. This area is home to many famous brands that distribute clothing and offer great value. Another great place for inexpensive shopping in Istanbul is Terkos Pasaji, a neighborhood shopping center located on Istiklal Street. You’ll find clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs at reasonable prices.

If you’re looking for souvenirs and unique gifts, Istanbul has many excellent places to shop. From famous boutiques to authentic bazaars, there is something for everyone. Istanbul is a leading city in the field of clothing production, and it’s home to some of the country’s most famous clothing brands.

In addition to the traditional book markets, Istanbul also has a thriving second-hand book market. There are a lot of antique and valuable books that can’t be found online, so be sure to check out the second-hand booksellers’ bazaar.

Al Fateh Market

Local Market
Local Market

The bazaars of Istanbul offer a variety of inexpensive goods. The street markets are the oldest shopping areas in the city and have managed to maintain their original character and authenticity. In many cases, bargaining is possible to halve the price of a product. This can be a fascinating experience and can save you a lot of money.

There are 1290 vendors in Al Fateh market, which offers a wide range of items. You will be able to find all types of clothing, shoes, bags, and supplies. You can find clothes for men and women. The market is open every Wednesday. You can find some very inexpensive clothes and accessories in this place. The Fateh market also sells surplus products from famous brands.

If you are looking for cheap shopping in Istanbul, you might want to head to the Laleli district. This is one of the most popular areas of European Istanbul. The vast, central bazaar is full of stores offering a variety of clothing, lingerie, accessories, and tableware. Another great market for cheap clothing in Istanbul is the Osmanbey bazaar, which is known for textiles and clothing. While you’ll find plenty of clothing here, there’s also a good selection of toys and electronic goods.

If you’re looking for antiques, try the Egyptian Market. This market, located near the New Mosque, is said to be the second-largest market in Istanbul. It contains shops selling natural herbs and spices, as well as stores selling Turkish sweets. You can also find some unique Turkish items here, including antique gramophones.

Cicek Street

Cicek Street
Cicek Street

Cicek Street is one of the best places to buy cheap souvenirs in Istanbul. It’s a pedestrian-only street, which means there are no motorbikes. The street is also home to a tram railroad, which dates back to the Ottoman era. This means you can use the tram to get to different parts of the street.

There are dozens of souvenir shops in the Cicek Street neighborhood. These shops include everything from trendy dress stores to makeup and shoe shops. You can find just about anything here, and you won’t have to spend a fortune. In addition, you can pick up some excellent bargains while you’re there.

The Istiklal Caddesi is another great location for cheap shopping in Istanbul. This 1.4km street is home to independent boutiques and global brands. It’s one of Istanbul’s main shopping streets, and is very popular with tourists. Besides shopping, you can find restaurants and cafes along the street.

While you’re shopping in Istanbul, don’t forget to visit the markets! They are like the antiques of the city. In addition to kilims and carpets, you’ll also find a large selection of Turkish handicrafts. You can even buy Turkish delight and copper-working.

Another great location for cheap shopping in Istanbul is Cukurcuma Street, which attracts serious antique hunters. The area is filled with vintage and antique shops, and you can even buy a vintage bird cage! Located between the Galata Tower and the Cihangir district, this section is ideal for anyone who loves old things.

Mahmutpasa Bazaar

Mahmutpasa Bazaar
Mahmutpasa Bazaar

If you want to experience cheap shopping in Istanbul, the Mahmutpasa Bazaar is one of the best places to go. This neighbourhood dates back to the Ottoman era, and is lined with a variety of wares. You can find clothing, textiles, and general kitsch from all over the world here.

There are more than 250 shops in the Mahmutpasa Bazaar, which sits on a slope that leads to the sea. It is one of the most popular and crowded shopping areas in Istanbul, and is the site of a famous mosque and bath. Mahmoud Pasha was the most important vizier of Fatih Sultan Mehmet during the Ottoman era, and he built mosques, baths, and other public buildings in this neighborhood.

The Mahmutpasa Bazaar is located in the Fatih district, on the European side of Istanbul. The area is home to the world’s largest covered market, with more than 4,000 stalls spread out over 65 streets. You’ll find everything from hand-woven carpets to intricate Turkish lamps to copperware and silk. Even bridal gowns and leather jackets are available at the market.

The Mahmutpasa Bazaar is not only famous for its clothing, but it is also the best place to find bargains in Istanbul. The market is open all day on Thursday, and is home to almost one thousand vendors. You’ll find both brand-name clothing and imitation goods.

Aksaray Istanbul Shopping Mall

Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls

The Aksaray Istanbul Shopping Mall is one of the best places to go for cheap shopping. It is a large mall with several floors and offers almost 300 stores. The quality of the products is good and the prices are cheap. There are many famous Turkish and international brands in the shopping center.

The shopping center is easily accessible by tram. There are many different stores, a cinema and amusement centers. The mall also has resting areas, restrooms and an exchange office. The mall is located 10 minutes from the Sabiha Gokcen Airport and offers excellent value for money.

Another shopping area in the Aksaray Istanbul Shopping Mall is Akbiyik Street. Here, you can find inexpensive women’s bags and rugs. You can also find one of the best fish restaurants in Istanbul, Balikci Sabahattin. Another place to find cheap clothing and rugs is Mahmutpasa Yokusu (Mahmutpasa Bazaar), a narrow street between the Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar. Here, young girls buy their dowry items and Turkish families shop for cheap clothes and rugs.

The Aksaray Istanbul Shopping Mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul. It features world-renowned brands as well as Turkish ones. It also has many attractions, including a food court, a multiplex cinema, and a playground. Kids will also have fun in the KidZania, which is a children’s play area.



Nisantasi is one of Istanbul’s most famous shopping districts and is popular with locals and tourists alike. You can find everything from high-end international brands to domestic favorites in this area. The area is also popular among local youth and has many street cafes and restaurants of every cuisine and budget. It also has several bars and nightclubs.

Many of Istanbul’s most fashionable people frequent this upscale neighborhood. This area was originally an army range where Ottoman soldiers trained. Today, it’s a hotspot for designer labels and local designer brands. Local couturiers and designers are represented here, and you can even find some of their creations in the city’s oldest department stores.

Nisantasi’s fashion boutiques are some of the best in the city. There are many Turkish fashion shops here and you can choose from a wide range of patterns, colors and designs. You can also find a great selection of women’s clothing at places like Faik Sonmez and Adil Isik.

BrandRoom is another great place to find cheap fashion in Istanbul. It accepts three types of credit cards and sells a wide range of products for men, women, and children. In addition to clothing, you can find vintage brands and vintage materials. Whether it’s vintage dress materials or men’s clothes, you can find a unique look at a low price.

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