Best Time to Visit Kalkan in November

Best Time to Visit Kalkan in November

Best Time to Visit Kalkan in November: The best time to visit Kalkan is during the month of November, as temperatures will remain in the mid-20sC range and you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and warm weather. The Aegean and Mediterranean seas also contribute to the mild climate, so the temperature will not drop too low even in the winter.

Winter in Kalkan is Mild

Winter in Kalkan is Mild
Winter in Kalkan is Mild

November is a perfect month to visit Kalkan as the city is still relatively quiet, despite the winter weather. The city has a surprisingly cheap bus network and numerous restaurants, which remain open during this quiet period. Although many tourist attractions are closed during the winter months, many remain open to serve the growing number of winter visitors. November is also a great time to explore the historical and archaeological sites of Kalkan, as the city is still relatively peaceful and serene.

Kalkan is a coastal town in the Mediterranean with a temperate climate. It receives limited rainfall throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from thirteen to sixteen degrees Celsius. The driest months are November and December, with the most rainfall during the winter months of January and March.

November is considered autumn in Kalkan, and the temperatures are mild compared to summer. Daytime temperatures average around eighteen degrees and evening temperatures are around seven degrees. While November has fewer sunny days than summer, it is still one of the warmest months in Kalkan. This is partly due to the warm waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean, which keep the temperature mild. Moreover, the sea temperature in Kalkan is around 21 degrees, which keeps the air warm.

Although the winter months can be chilly, the temperatures in Kalkan are generally warm. The average daily high temperature in November is about forty-two degrees Fahrenheit, while the lowest temperature is about forty-three degrees Fahrenheit. With less rainfall and long days of daylight, Kalkan is an excellent option for a winter vacation.

Kalkan has a microclimate. Because of this, the weather reports for the closest cities may not be accurate. The weather in Fethiye and Antalya is very different from that of Kalkan. During the wetter season, more than one-third of the time, Kalkan receives a total of 5.8 inches of rainfall.

During the summer months, temperatures are warm and humid with long days of sunbathing. However, the wind speed in Kalkan is mild. The hottest month is August with temperatures around eighty degrees Fahrenheit. The coolest month is October with an average of seven degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures are Mild


The climate in Kalkan is typical for the southern Mediterranean. This resort town has long hot summers and short, mild winters. The location is surrounded by mountains and sea, creating its own microclimate. The best times to visit Kalkan are early Spring/Summer and late Summer/Autumn. The hottest months are July and August when temperatures often reach 40 degrees.

November is the wettest month in Kalkan. The average temperature is about 23.5 degC, with warm sunny days. The town’s beaches are also packed with people enjoying the sea in this time of year. However, the evenings can be cooler than the daytime temperatures.

Although temperatures in Kalkan in November are still mild, the length of the day is slightly shorter than in July and August. On average, there is at least nine hours of sunshine each day. This means that visitors can spend a long afternoon relaxing on the beach, or enjoy some sightseeing. Evening dinners are also pleasant in the cool evenings. Visiting Kalkan during this time is a great way to make the most of the warm weather.

The climate in Kalkan is mild and sunny. The temperature in November is mild compared to November in most places. It can be chilly in December, but the sea is warm enough for swimming. You can enjoy the sea and water until November. During this month, the temperature is still mild enough for swimming, though the temperature in the water can drop up to seven degrees. However, the winter months offer a high chance of sunshine.

The wetter Part of the year lasts 5.4 months, beginning around October 7. In Kalkan, the chance of rain is nearly 19%, and the drier part is 6.6 months, lasting from April 8 to October 27. The average rain during this time is 0.04 inches.

It’s a Good Time to Go Sightseeing


November in Kalkan is a pleasant time to visit the city. Daytime temperatures remain warm but are often cloudy and showery, so you’ll want to wear layers. The nights can also be cool, so ladies should bring a cardigan and gents may want a long-sleeved shirt. Also, be aware that the Bay of Kalkan can bring strong winds during certain parts of the year.

Although the weather in November is cooler than in other months, it remains comfortable, with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius. In the evenings, the temperature drops to around six degrees Celsius. The average monthly rainfall is 91mm, and there are usually around six hours of sunshine.

The hottest months in Kalkan are July and August. These months are considered the peak tourist season, and the beaches are busy with holidaymakers. The hottest time to visit is July and August, when average temperatures reach 32degC. But if you prefer cooler temperatures, late June through mid-September is a good time to go sightseeing in Kalkan.

Spring is also an excellent time to visit Kalkan. In the springtime, the trees are lush and fragrant, and strolls in the town are especially pleasant. Evenings in the town can get chilly, so bring a jacket or shawl. Also, open-toed shoes can be uncomfortable during evenings.

November is also the low tourist season. Although temperatures in November can be cold, they are much warmer than the previous months. You can enjoy the seaside town’s famous attractions while avoiding the crowds of summer. And it’s also a great time to visit the old sites along the Aegean Coast.

It’s a Good Time to Go Swimming


November in Kalkan is still warm enough for a swim. Water temperature is usually around 21 degC. Even though the sun is not as strong during the chilly evenings, you can still enjoy a day at the beach. The beaches are usually crowded with people enjoying the warm sea.

Despite the cooler temperatures, you can still go swimming and sunbathe. The minimum temperature is 50deg, compared to 57deg the previous month. The average number of daylight hours is 10.3 hours per day, which is more than enough to enjoy the sun. You’ll also get plenty of sunshine in November, which is great if you love swimming.

The climate in Kalkan is mild year-round, with mild winters and hot, dry summers. The average annual temperature is between 7 and 18 degrees. Depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll want to plan your vacation based on your preferred temperature range.

The UV index in November is 3.3, which means there is a moderate risk of sunburn in unprotected areas. If you’re swimming in November, you’ll want to wear protective clothing, such as a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses. Also, remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours or so.

November is a good time to visit Kalkan. The sea temperature is in the 26-24 degree range, which is warm enough for swimming. In November, you’ll find many restaurants open, including some family-friendly options like Akin Restaurant. The Lime is also worth a try and is rumoured to have the best baklava in town. During the colder months, the beach is quiet and peaceful.

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